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Peter V. Leparulo is the CEO and Chairman of Novatel Wireless, Inc.[1]

He was Chief Executive Officer from January 2003 to November 2006, a director at Novatel since May 2003 and Executive Chairman of the Board since November 2006.[2] He has been profiled in Forbes magazine.[3] A 2007 Forbes story cautioned investors about putting money in the company because Leparulo and Dan Halvorson, the company's chief financial officer, both resigned within a year of each other.[4] The article said, "These men are credited with turning Novatel Wireless around during the difficult times and giving the company renewed direction. With the CFO gone and Leparulo no longer the CEO, there is more concern about Novatel's leadership. Also, the CFO quitting it is almost never a good sign." [5] Leparulo remained at the company as its executive chairman.[6] Leparulo returned to the Chief Executive position in April 2008.[7] He had a $400,000 salary and received 150,000 stock options for a combined total compensation estimated to be around 3.5 million dollars in 2007.[8] He holds a Bachelor of Science from Colgate University and a Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University.[9]