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Peter King Lourie (born in Michigan, United States) is an author of nonfiction books for adults and children.


Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lourie graduated from Collegiate School in New York City in 1971. He received his bachelor's degree in classics from NYU in 1975 and went to graduate school at the University of Maine, where he received his MA in English Literature and then on to Columbia University where he received an MFA in nonfiction writing. He has taught at Columbia College and Middlebury College where he teaches creative writing & digital storytelling. Lourie is married with two children.


  • "Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush"
  • "The Polar Bear Scientists"
  • "The Manatee Scientists: Saving Vulnerable Species"
  • "Writing to Explore: Discovering Adventure in the Research Paper, 3-8"
  • "Whaling Season: A Year in the Life of an Arctic Whale Scientist"
  • "On the Texas Trail of Cabeza de Vaca"
  • Arctic Thaw: The People of the Whale in a Changing Climate
  • Hidden World of the Aztec
  • Lost Treasures of the Inca
  • The Mystery of the Maya
  • First Dive to Shark Dive
  • The Lost World of the Anasazi
  • Tierra del Fuego: A Journey to the End of the Earth
  • Amazon: A Journey Through the Last Frontier"
  • On the Trail of Lewis and Clark: A journey up the Missouri River
  • Erie Canal: Canoeing America's Great Waterway
  • Everglades: Buffalo Tiger and the River of Grass
  • Hudson River: An Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea
  • Mississippi River: A journey Down the Father of Waters
  • Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico
  • On the Trail of Sacagawea
  • Yukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the Klondike
  • The Lost Treasure of Captain Kid (novel)
  • River of Mountains: A Canoe Journey Down the Hudson (nonfiction for adults)
  • Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon: A Chronicle of an Incan Treasure (nonfiction for adults)

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