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Peter Luke (12 August 1919 – 23 January 1995) was a British writer, editor, and producer.

Early years[edit]

Peter Ambrose Cyprian Luke was born in St Albans, he was the first son of Harry Luke. He had wanted to be a painter, and went to art school for 2 years before World War II occurred. He was awarded the Military Cross for his efforts. Some time after, he worked under producer Sydney Newman on the British television drama anthology Armchair Theatre, as a story editor. In 1959, he adapted Frederick Rolfe's novel Hadrian the Seventh.

He was married to Carola Peyton-Jones (deceased), then Lettice Crawshaw (one daughter, one son deceased; marriage dissolved), and finally June Tobin (two sons, three daughters).

He died in Cadiz on 23 January 1995.

Timeline of events[edit]

  • 1946–47 - Sub-editor, Reuters News Desk
  • 1947–57 - Wine trader
  • 1958–62 - Story editor, ABC TV
  • 1962–63 - Editor, arts series The Bookman (ABC TV)
  • 1963–64 - Editor, Tempo (ABC TV)
  • 1963–68 - Drama producer, writer and director BBC TV
  • 1977–80 - Director, Edwards-Mac Liammoir Dublin Gate Theatre Company

List of works[edit]

(for Stage only; numerous TV and radio plays also)