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Peter Madsen
Peter Madsen (inventor).jpg
Peter Madsen
Born 12 January 1971 (1971-01-12) (age 46)
Residence Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation Aerospace Engineering
Years active 2008–present

Peter Madsen born 12 January 1971, is an artist, submarine builder, aerospace engineer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals; a private non-profit spaceflight organization. CEO and founder of RML Spacelab ApS[1]


UC1 Freya[edit]

UC2 Kraka[edit]

UC3 Nautilus[edit]

Madsen worked on the UC3 Nautilus, a privately built Danish submarine. It was launched on 3 May 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was constructed over a three-year period and it cost approximately US$200,000 to build (1.5 million in DKK).[1]

Copenhagen Suborbitals[edit]

On 1 May 2008, Peter Madsen along with Kristian von Bengtson founded Copenhagen Suborbitals. In June 2014 Peter Madsen left the project.[2] Peter Madsen was responsible for the launch system; launchpad and booster rocket engines.[3]

Rocket Madsen Space Lab[edit]

In June 2014, Rocket Madsen Space Lab was established by Peter Madsen. The goal is still the development and construction of a manned spacecraft. From 2016 RML is developing a nano satellite launch vehicle using venture investments.


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