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Peter Meisen is an American scientist who is the president of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) which he founded in 1989.

Meisen was born in San Diego, California. He graduated in 1976 from the University of California, San Diego with an Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences degree.

In 1983, he co-founded SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange), North America's largest private food distribution program.

Meisen is an active member of the IEEE and in the 90s chaired panels on the feasibility of high voltage, long-distance transmission and also tapping remote renewables, both of which were featured in the IEEE Power Engineering Review. He also participates regularly either with an exhibit or as a presenter at ACORE, the World Energy Conference, ISDE, CERES, and Rotary International.

In 2005, Meisen was a co-creator of the Global Climate 100 (GC100), a sustainable index for socially responsible investing.


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