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Peter Musevski, a Slovenian actor. Born in 1965 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Studied drama acting at the Ljubljana Film Academy (AGRFT). Musevski is an internationally recognized, and one of the most valued, popular and frequently awarded Slovenian actors. Appeared in many award-winning films that received prizes at the world's most eminent festivals.

Selected filmography[edit]

2009: Slovenian girl (d. Damjan Kozole)

2008: Forever (d. Damjan Kozole)

2007: I’m from Titov Veles (d. Teona Mitevska)

2005: Labour Equals Freedom (d. Damjan Kozole)

2005: Tuning (d. Igor Šterk)

2003: Spare Parts (d. Damjan Kozole)

2001: Bread and Milk (d. Jan Cvitkovič)