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Peter Pagin (born 1953) is Professor of Philosophy at Stockholm University.[1] He is a specialist in the philosophy of language and has worked extensively on foundational issues in semantics and on technical and philosophical problems about the compositionality of meaning.


One of Pagin's principal aims is to provide the foundations for seemingly basic semantic concepts like truth and reference in terms of the role that compositional semantic theories must play in explaining the success of linguistic communication. This has led him into various areas of the philosophy of language and logic, and he has written about rules and rule-following, vagueness, synonymy, and assertion, and about the works of Wittgenstein, Quine, Davidson and Dummett. Pagin has also worked in fields adjacent to the philosophy of language such as the philosophy of mind (work on sensation terms), cognitive psychology and psychiatry (work on speakers with autism), and the history of literature (work on indexicality and point of view).


Peter Pagin was born in Stockholm and educated at Stockholm University. He received a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Mathematics in 1981 and a PhD in 1987 (for a thesis written under the supervision of Dag Prawitz). From 1987-1991 Pagin held a postdoctoral research position (forskarassistent) and received a Docent degree in 1992. In 1996 he was a Fellow at The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in Social Science (SCASSS), Uppsala. He was made a full Professor in 2002.

Selected publications[edit]

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