Peter Pan (1988 film)

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Peter Pan
Peter Pan 1986.jpg
Produced by Roz Phillips
Written by Paul Leadon, J. M. Barrie (original author)
Music by John Stuart
Edited by Mark D'Arcy Irvine, Peter Jennings
Distributed by NuTech Digital
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
50 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Peter Pan is an Australian 50-minute direct-to-video animated film from Burbank Films Australia. It was originally released in 1988.[1] The film is based on J. M. Barrie's play, Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, first produced in 1904, and was adapted by Paul Leadon. The film was produced by Roz Phillips and featured music composed by John Stuart. The copyright in this film is now owned by Pulse Distribution and Entertainment[2] and administered by digital rights management firm NuTech Digital.[3]


Every night before going to sleep, the Darling children, Wendy, John, and Michael, are told stories by their mother of wonderful adventures in fantasy worlds; many of these stories tell of a boy named Peter Pan, who lives in a place called Neverland and whom never grows up. One night, when Mr. and Mrs. Darling go out, leaving the children under the care of a house maid and Nana, the nursery dog, Wendy Darling is thrilled when the real Peter Pan flies right into their window. In a previous visit, Nana had taken Peter Pan's shadow away from him, and now he and his fairy friend Tinker Bell had returned to claim it. Nana had been punished by Mr. Darling, accused of breaking a valuable glass jar in the attempt to protect the children from Peter, and was now kept outdoors. Peter Pan and Wendy become fast friends, and Peter confesses that he had visited many times, to listen to Mrs. Darling's bedtime stories. The sleeping boys, John and Michael, awaken, and Peter invites them all to follow him to Neverland. With the use of pixie dust, the three children obtain Peter and Tinker Bell's ability to fly, and they're soon on their way to Neverland, flying right out of their window and high over the clouds. Once in Neverland, Peter Pan tells the children of evil Captain Hook, whose right hand was cut off by Peter and thrown to the crocodile some time before, who now wants to eat the rest of him. Hook plots revenge against Peter for this. Meanwhile, Peter introduces the children to the Lost Boys, a group of young mother-less children. He presents Wendy as their loving mother as long as she remains in Neverland, which she meekly resists. Many adventures follow, as Peter Pan, the children and the Lost Boys battle against Captain Hook, save Wendy from his wicked intentions, and rescue the young Indian Princess Tiger Lily. while Captain Hook get chase by the ticking crocodile and peter had won. After all the excitement, Wendy announces that it is time to return home, and she invites the Lost Boys to come along, so that they may be returned to their real mothers. Smee, one of Captain Hook's pirates, follows the children, and he too is reunited with his mother. Wendy, John and Michael invite Peter Pan to stay with them in their home in London, but Peter Pan refuses, for that would mean he would have to grow up, something he would never want to do. They part, but Peter Pan welcomes them to return to Neverland someday.


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