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Peter Pank is a Spanish comic book written and drawn by Max, the pseudonym of Francesc Capdevila.

Peter Pank is a 1983 adult-oriented parody of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. While in the original, Peter is simply a boy who refused to grow up to a man, in Peter Pank he's a vicious, rebellious, belligerent punk with a "No Future" attitude.

The comic mostly follows a parodied version of Peter and Wendy's plot, but is heavily influenced by punk culture and anarchism. Various characters have been replaced with more "adult" versions: the Lost Boys are punks, the Natives are hippies, the pirates are rockers, and the mermaids are BDSM dominas. Many parts of the comic have a pornographic style, including both male and female nudity.

The comic ends with Peter sentenced to be hanged for rape and Wendy and her brothers returning home, Wendy became a prostitute and her brothers drug addicts.


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