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Peter Poole (c.1932––18 August 1960 in Nairobi, Kenya) was a British-born Kenyan engineer and shop owner. He was the only white in Kenya to be executed for killing an indigenous African person.[1][2]

On 12 October 1959 he was charged with killing Kamawe Musunge, his houseboy,[1] in Gordon Road, Nairobi. Musunge had been riding a bicycle when Poole's two dogs stopped him. Musunge threw stones at one dog, for which Poole shot him dead with a Luger pistol.[3] Poole was executed on 18 August 1960. At the time Kenya was still under British rule, and the verdict was received negatively by some white settlers in the region.[3]

Poole had emigrated to Kenya from Essex. He owned an electrical shop on Nairobi's Government Road (now Moi Avenue).[2] Poole served in the British Army during the Mau Mau Uprising.[1] He was married with two children.

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