Peter Schmoll und seine Nachbarn

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Peter Schmoll und seine Nachbarn (Peter Schmoll and his Neighbours) is the third opera by Carl Maria von Weber and the first for which the music has survived, though the libretto has not. It was written in 1802 when the composer was only 15 and premiered in Augsburg the following year. The opera takes the form of a Singspiel, mixing spoken dialogue and musical numbers. The libretto is based on a novel by C.G. Cramer.


  • The cook (contralto)
  • Hans Bast (bass)
  • Karl Pirkner (tenor)
  • Martin Schmoll (baritone)
  • Minette (soprano)
  • Niklas (tenor)
  • Peter Schmoll (bass)


  • Peter Schmoll und seine Nachbarn Busching/Schmidt/Pfeffer, Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra, Gerhard Markson (Marco Polo, 1994)


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