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Peter Scupham (born 24 February 1933) is a British poet.


Scupham was born in Liverpool. He was educated at the Perse, Cambridge and St. George's, Harpenden. After National Service with the RAOC he studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He taught at Skegness Grammar School, and then became Head of English at St. Christopher School, Letchworth. His first marriage was to Carola Nance Braunholtz, the daughter of Hermann Braunholtz, CBE, Keeper of the Ethnographical Collections at the British Museum, with whom he had four children. He is now married to Margaret Steward. Together they have restored a small derelict Elizabethan Manor house in Norfolk, where they have put on plays and created a garden. With John Mole he founded The Mandeville Press, a small press using traditional letterpress methods of printing. The Press produced hand-set editions of work by Geoffrey Grigson, Anthony Hecht, John Fuller and many others. Its archive is now in the British Library. Currently he runs a catalogue book business with Margaret Steward, specialising in English Literature.[1]



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