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Professor Peter Stoica

Peter (Petre) Stoica[1] is a leading researcher and educator in the field of signal processing and its applications to radar/sonar, communications and bio-medicine.[2][3][4] He is a professor of Signal and System Modeling at Uppsala University in Sweden, and a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, the Romanian Academy (honorary),[5] the European Academy of Sciences,[6] and the Royal Society of Sciences. He is also a Fellow of IEEE,[7] EURASIP,[8] and the Royal Statistical Society.

He is known for his extensive theoretical contributions to system identification and modeling, spectral analysis, array signal processing, space-time coding, and waveform design for active sensing. His numerous practical contributions include the areas of wireless communications, microwave imaging for breast cancer detection, radar/sonar systems, acoustic source mapping, landmine and explosive detection, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging. His books on System Identification, Spectral Analysis, and Space-Time Coding for Wireless Communications have been used worldwide in undergraduate and graduate courses and rank as ones of the most referenced works in the field.

He is included on the ISI list of the 250 most highly cited researchers in engineering in the world.[9][10]

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Selected Publications[edit]

(out of 750 scientific papers and 30 books and book chapters[21])

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