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Peter Johnson Sturholdt (December 7, 1885 – June 27, 1919) was an American boxer who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics.

Sturholdt was born in Stillwater, Minnesota.[citation needed] In 1904, he finished fourth in the lightweight class after losing the bronze medal fight to Russell van Horn.

In November 1905 the Amateur Athletic Union disqualified the second-placed Jack Egan from all AAU competitions and he had to return all his prizes, including his Olympic medals. Although not recognized then or since by Olympic records,[1] Sports Reference has listed Sturholdt as the bronze medalist[2] since researcher Taavi Kalju noted the discrepancy in 2008.[3]

Sturholdt died in St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked as a painter and cabinet maker. He fell to his death when the scaffolding he was on broke while painting. He left behind his wife, Margaret M. Terney, and 5 children: Adele, Margaret (Marge), Orvin John, Peter J., and Davis.[citation needed]


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