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Peter Taksøe-Jensen (born in 1959 in Copenhagen, Denmark) has been the Danish Ambassador to India since August 2015.[1] The Ambassador represents the government of Denmark in India and is responsible for the direction and work of the Embassy. He lives and works in New Delhi.

Before his current post, Ambassador Taksøe-Jensen was Denmark's Ambassador to the United States from 2010 to 2015. Before that he was Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs at the United Nations. He was appointed to this position by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in August 2008. He replaced Larry Johnson.

Before joining the United Nations, Taksøe-Jensen served for more than two decades for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which he joined in 1987. He worked in different areas in the ministry including the Legal Service, the Security Policy Department and the European Union Law Department and on various government commissions. He was posted to different places including to Vienna and to Brussels. Taksøe-Jensen has been Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs and Head of the Legal Service in the Danish Ministry since 2004.

In his capacity as ASG for Legal Affairs, Taksøe-Jensen was responsible for supporting the overall direction and management of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs.

Taksøe-Jensen obtained his law degree from the University of Copenhagen.

Taksøe-Jensen is chairman of the conciliation commission, which should solve the border dispute between Australia and East Timor.[2]


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