Peter Theobalds

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Peter Theobalds
Birth name Peter Theobalds
Also known as Baron Von Blondle
Born September 1972
Genres Doom metal, black metal, progressive metal, death metal, pop punk
Occupation(s) Musician, guitarist, songwriter, bassist, designer
Years active 1992-present
Labels Earache, Invada, Exile On Mainstream
Associated acts Gonga, Akercocke, Fosca, Salem Orchid, Earslaughter, Xerox Girls, Photographing Girls, Three Days By Camel
Notable instruments
Rickenbacker 4001 Fender Jazz Bass guitar

Peter Theobalds is an English born musician and artist. He has played in multiple bands, including Xerox Girls, Photographing Girls, Three Days By Camel, Salem Orchid, Akercocke, Gonga, End of Level Boss, and Fosca.[1] He also designed album artwork for the band Akercocke.[2][3][4]


Akercocke - Releases
  • Rape of the Bastard Nazarene - bassist - Goat of Mendes Records 1999
  • The Goat of Mendes - bassist - Peaceville Records 2001
  • Choronzon - bassist - Earache Records 2003
  • Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone - bassist - Earache Records 2005


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