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Peter Townsend is an American drummer from Louisville, Kentucky now living in Nashville, Tennessee. He has recorded and performed with Will Oldham in the bands Palace, Superwolf and Bonnie "Prince" Billy. He has also been featured on recordings and tours with King Kong, Nathan Bell, Human Bell, Nicolai Dunger, David Pajo, Brightblack Morning Light and many others.


Palace Music[edit]

Bonnie "Prince" Billy[edit]



King Kong[edit]

Nathan Bell[edit]


Human Bell[edit]

Nicolai Dunger[edit]

Brightblack Morning Light[edit]

Speed To Roam[edit]

  • Space Killer 7"
  • S/T
  • Later Days
  • Devils And Ghosts

Warmer Milks[edit]

Anna Ternheim[edit]


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