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For the director, see Pete Travis. For the Canadian football player, see Peter Travis (Canadian football).

Peter W. Travis is Chair of the Department of English and Henry Winkley Professor of Anglo-Saxon and English Language and Literature at Dartmouth College. Travis received a BA from Bates College, an MA from Trinity College, and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He is a medieval scholar specializing in the works of Chaucer, most notably The Nun's Priest's Tale. He lives in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Travis published Dramatic Design in the Chester Cycle (University of Chicago Press, 1982) and Disseminal Chaucer, Rereading the Nun's Priest's Tale (Notre Dame, 2010), which won the Warren-Brooks Award for Outstanding Literary Criticism. He has published widely in scholarly Journals including Studies in the Age of Chaucer. Travis has designed a course on contemporary Masculinities.

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