Peter Tufano

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Peter Tufano
Peter Tufano.jpg
Born 1957
Monticello, New York
Residence Oxford, England
Nationality American
Alma mater Harvard University
AB (1979), MBA (1984),
PhD (1989)
Occupation Professor

Peter Tufano is the dean of the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.[1] Before moving to Oxford in 2011, he spent over three decades at Harvard University where he completed his AB in Economics, MBA and PhD in Business Economics, as well as spending 22 years on the faculty.


Tufano graduated from Harvard University where he obtained his AB (1979), MBA (1984) and PhD (1989) degrees. His academic research has primarily been focused around consumer finance, where he has been on forefront of advancing the academic field. His work is credited with influencing two US policy initiatives and a new class of savings products in the US.[2] His other streams of work deal with risk management, financial engineering, and mutual funds.[3]

He was announced as the next dean of the Saïd Business School in late 2010 and took on the position on 1 July 2011.[4] During his tenure as the dean of the Saïd Business School, school's global MBA ranking dropped from 16th in 2010[5] to 33rd in 2017.[6]


Tufano developed over 50 case studies and created three new MBA courses at Harvard. For a full listing of his case studies, see his curriculum vitae. He has also offered versions of these courses in various Executive Education programmes.


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