Peter Wilkinson (drummer)

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Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson, Caspar Wijnberg, Chris Bailey
Amsterdam, July 2006
Background information
Birth name Peter Wilkinson
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Rock, punk, post-punk, blues, grunge, folk
Occupation(s) Drummer
Years active 1999–present
Labels Highway 125
Associated acts Kid Galahad and The Eternals
The Saints
The Chris Bailey Combo
Chris Bailey and the General Dog

Peter Wilkinson is the drummer of the rock band, The Saints.

Wilkinson joined the group in 1999,[1] and appeared first on the 2001 album Spit the Blues Out and, later, on Nothing is Straight in My House (2005)[2] and Imperious Delirium (2006).[3]

Wilkinson then joined The Saints band mate, Chris Bailey on a detour with French band H-Burns, to form Bailey Burns. They recorded the album Stranger, released 2011, and proceeded to tour in France. The Saints album King of the Sun, released in 2013, was recorded in Trackdown studios, Sydney, again with Wilkinson behind the drums.

Before joining The Saints, Wilkinson was the drummer with a few London-based bands such as Desperation Angels, (1994) with Richard England and Michael Bayliss. Desperation Angels evolved into Mox Mox and Alcohol, and Kosa with Andy Faulkner and Stella Ferguson. He went on to play with the Amsterdam-based band Rubber Shark, with bass guitar player Jane Mack of Pony Pack (as of May 2007).



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