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Peter Mann Winkler is a research mathematician, author of more than 125 research papers in mathematics[1] and patent holder in a broad range of applications, ranging from cryptography to marine navigation.[2] His research areas include discrete mathematics, theory of computation and probability theory. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College.[3]

Peter Winkler studied mathematics at Harvard University and later received his PhD in 1975 from Yale University.[4] He has also served as an Assistant Professor at Stanford, Full Professor and Chair at Emory and as a Mathematics Research Director at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies.[2]

He has published two books on mathematical puzzles: Mathematical Puzzles: A connoisseur's collection (A K Peters, 2004, ISBN 978-1-56881-201-4) and Mathematical Mind-Benders (A K Peters, 2007, ISBN 978-1-56881-336-3).

Winkler's book Bridge at the Enigma Club[5] was a runner up for the 2011 Master Point Press Book Of The Year award.[6]

Also in 2011, Winkler received the David P. Robbins Prize of the Mathematical Association of America as coauthor of one of two papers[7] in the American Mathematical Monthly.

Paul Erdős anecdote[edit]

According to a story included in Chapter One of "The Man Who Loved Only Numbers / The Story of Paul Erdös and the Search for Mathematical Truth"[8], Paul Erdős attended the bar mitzvah celebration for Peter Winkler's twins, and Winkler's mother-in-law tried to throw Erdős out. [Quote:]

"Erdös came to my twins' bar mitzvah, notebook in hand," said Peter Winkler, a colleague of Graham's at AT&T. "He also brought gifts for my children--he loved kids--and behaved himself very well. But my mother-in-law tried to throw him out. She thought he was some guy who wandered in off the street, in a rumpled suit, carrying a pad under his arm. It is entirely possible that he proved a theorem or two during the ceremony."[8]


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