Peter and Sloane

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Peter and Sloane
Origin France
Genres Pop
Years active 1984–1987
Members Jean-Pierre Savelli
Chantal Richard

Peter and Sloane was a 1980s French musical group. This duet was composed of Jean-Pierre Savelli (Peter) and Chantal Richard (Merry Sloane). Their greatest hit was the song, "Besoin de rien, envie de toi", which was number 1 for nine weeks in 1984 in France.[1]


Jean-Pierre Savelli sung the opening titles to several French versions of Japanese TV series, such as X-Or (Space Cop Gabin) and Albator, le Corsaire de l'Espace,[2] the French version of the anime classic Captain Harlock. Chantal Richard was formerly Savalli's vocalist.

In 1987, the duet split after the failure of their third single. Sloane then began a solo career in Quebec, then in France and released the album Exquise. Peter founded a production company and composed several songs for the French singer Indra.[3]

In 1998, the duet released a Best of.



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