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For 'Peter von Danzig', the 15th-century German Fencing master, see Cod. 44 A 8.
Peter von Danzig (1462)
Career Hanseatic Flag of Danzig
Name: Peter von Danzig
Acquired: by Danzig, 1462
Decommissioned: Second half of the 1470s
Homeport: Danzig
General characteristics
Type: Carrack
Tons burthen: ca. 800 tons
Length: ca. 51 m (167 ft 4 in) on deck
ca. 31 m (101 ft 8 in) keel
Beam: ca. 12 m (39 ft 4 in)
Propulsion: 760 m2 (8,181 sq ft) of sails
Crew: 50 sailors, 300 marines
Armament: 18 guns

Peter von Danzig was a 15th-century ship of the Hanseatic League. The three-masted ship was the first large vessel in the Baltic Sea with carvel planking.


The Peter von Danzig was built at the French west coast and originally named Pierre de la Rochelle or Peter van Rosseel. The ship arrived in Danzig in 1462, carrying sea salt from the Atlantic. While it anchored in roadstead, it was damaged by lightning.

The ship lay inactive for a while in Danzig harbour, but was eventually seized and changed over to a warship in 1469 after the Hanse had declared war on England.

Between August 1471 and 1473 the Peter von Danzig operated in the North Sea under captain Paul Beneke, hunting English merchantmen with a letter of marque and securing Hanse convoys. After the Treaty of Utrecht (1474), the ship undertook several trade trips abroad, before it appears to have been decommissioned in the late 1470s.[1]


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