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Peterborough & District Football League
Feeder To
United Counties League
Division One
Premier Division
Division One
Division Two
Division Three
Division Four
Division Five
Number of Teams
Levels on Pyramid
Current Champions (2014–15)
Moulton Harrox (Premier Division)
Stamford Lions (Division One)
Oakham United Reserves (Division Two)
Stanground Sports (Division Three)
Brotherhood Sports (Division Four)
(Division Five)

The Peterborough & District Football League is a football competition in England. It has a total of six divisions, the highest of which the Premier Division sits at step 7 of the National League System (level 11 of the English football league system). It is a feeder to the United Counties League Division One.

For the 2014–15 season there are 90 teams competing in the league, which under the terms of a sponsorship agreement is known as the ChromaSport & Trophies Peterborough & District Football League.

The 2009–10 season was dominated by Rutland Rangers who won both the Premier League and the Senior Cup at Peterborough United's London Road for the second successive season.

In 2010–11 the PDFL made new 'combination leagues' for reserve and 'a' teams. These plans were scrapped after one season and the league went back to six ordinary divisions named, Premier Division, Division One, Division Two, Division Three, Division Four and Division Five. The league also introduced a Veterans Section, which was competed by 8 teams separated into two zones.

2014–15 Members[edit]

Premier Division[edit]

The following 17 clubs are competing in the Premier Division during the 2014–15 season.

Club Finishing position last season
Coates Athletic 10th
Crowland Town 14th
Deeping Rangers Reserves 13th
Holbeach United Reserves 3rd in Division One (promoted)
Langtoft United 2nd in Division One (promoted)
Leverington Sports 8th
Moulton Harrox 6th
Netherton United 2nd
Oakham United 11th
ICA Sports 4th
Peterborough Sports Reserves 5th in Division One (promoted)
Pinchbeck United 15th
Riverside 7th
Sawtry 9th
Stilton United 12th
Thorney 1st in Division One (promoted)
Uppingham Town 5th

Division One[edit]

  • AFC Stanground
  • Baston
  • Coates Athletic Reserves
  • Ketton
  • King's Cliffe
  • Langtoft United Reserves
  • Long Sutton Athletic
  • Moulton Harrox Reserves
  • Netherton United Reserves
  • Oundle Town
  • ICA Sports Reserves
  • Ryhall United
  • Sutton Bridge United
  • Warboys Town
  • Whittlesey Blue Star
  • Wisbech Town Reserves

Division Two[edit]

  • Coates Athletic 'A'
  • Crowland Town Reserves
  • Guyhirn
  • Ketton Reserves
  • Leverington Sports Reserves
  • Netherton United 'A'
  • Oakham United Reserves
  • Parkside
  • ICA Sports 'A'
  • Peterborough Parkway Eagles
  • Peterborough Wittering Harriers
  • Pinchbeck United Reserves
  • Sawtry Reserves
  • Spalding United Reserves
  • Stamford Belvedere
  • Thorney Reserves

Division Three[edit]

  • Baston Reserves
  • Coates Athletic 'B'
  • Farcet United
  • Glinton & Northborough United
  • Hampton Sports
  • King's Cliffe Reserves
  • Peterborough PL United
  • Peterborough Sports 'A'
  • Ramsey Town
  • Riverside Reserves
  • Ryhall United Reserves
  • Spalding Town
  • Stilton United Reserves
  • Tydd St. Mary
  • Uppingham Town Reserves

Division Four[edit]

  • Bretton North End
  • Eye United
  • Holbeach Bank
  • Huntingdon Rovers
  • Leverington Sports 'A'
  • Long Sutton Athletic Reserves
  • Oundle Town Reserves
  • ICA Sports 'B'
  • Rutland Dead Rabbits
  • Stamford Belvedere Reserves
  • Stanground Sports
  • Sutton Bridge United Reserves
  • Thorpe Wood Rangers
  • Warboys Town Reserves

Division Five[edit]

  • AFC Stanground Reserves
  • Coates Athletic 'C'
  • FC Peterborough
  • Holbeach United 'A'
  • Netherton United 'B'
  • Parkside 'A'
  • Parkside Reserves
  • Peterborough Parkway Eagles Reserves
  • Ryhall United 'A'
  • Sawtry 'A'
  • Tydd St. Mary Reserves
  • Whaplode Drove

Past winners[edit]


Season Champions
1902–03 Fletton United
1903–04 Fletton United
1904–05 Fletton United
1905–06 Peterborough Town Reserves
1906–07 G.E. Loco
1907–08 G.E. Loco
1908–09 Westwood Works
Season Division 1 Division 2
1909–10 G.N. Loco Reserves Crowland Abbey
1910–11 Westwood Works Yaxley Rovers
1911–12 Westwood Works Stamford Vics
1912–13 Westwood Works Brainsbys Works
1913–14 Westwood Works Westwood Works Reserves
Season Champions
1914–15 Belvedere
1918–19 Blackstones F.C.
1919–20 Stamford Reserves
Season Division 1 Division 2
1920–21 Westwood Works Peterborough Rovers
Season Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
1921–22 G.N. Loco G.N. Sheet Stores Yaxley Rovers Reserves
1922–23 G.N. Loco G.N. Sheet Stores Barfords
1923–24 G.N. Loco Barfords Newark
1924–25 Wisbech Town Silver Badge Paston Athletic Reserves
1925–26 G.N. Loco Whittlesey Town Brotherhoods
1926–27 Westwood Works Barfords Williamson Cliff
1927–28 Wisbech Town New Peterborough Sports Longthorpe Scouts
1928–29 Wisbech Town Crowland Rovers Castor & Ailsworth
1929–30 Barfords London Brick Company Whittlesey Town
1930–31 Spalding United Paston Athletic L.N.E.R. Accounts
Season Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 (Southern Section) Division 3 (Northern Section)
1931-32 Wisbech Town L.N.E.R. Athletic Celta Mills Municipal Sports
1932–33 Wisbech Town Crowland Abbey Central Sugar Company Deeping United
1933–34 Bourne Town Stamford St. George Orton Waterville Kings Dyke
1934–35 Phorpres Sports Phorpres Sports Reserves Castor & Ailsworth Northam Star Sports
1935–36 Peterborough United Reserves Crowland Abbey L.N.E.R. Sheet Stores Maxey United
1936–37 Chatteris Engineers Moulton Chapel Electricity Sports R.A.F. (Peterborough)
1937–38 St. Ives Town R.A.F. (Wittering) Stanground Victoria Crowland Abbey
1938–39 Westwood Works R.A.F. (Peterborough) Phorpres Sports Reserves Deeping United
Season Division 1 Division 2
1945–46 Bourne Town Brotherhoods Reserves
Season Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 (Southern Section) Division 3 (Northern Section)
1946-47 Bourne Town Crowland Town College Crowland Town Reserves
1947–48 March Town United Phorpres Sports Holme Rovers Helpston United
1948–49 Parson Drove Morton Ramsey Town L.N.E.R. Athletic
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division 3 (Southern Section) Division 3 (Northern Section)
1949-50 Parsons Drove South Lynn Youth Club Perkins Athletic Reserves Warmington Wasps Maxey United
1950–51 King's Lynn Reserves Upwell Town Yaxley Athletic King's Lynn 'A' Helpston United
1951–52 Cambridge United Reserves Bourne Town Reserves King's Lynn 'A' Kings Dyke East Ward
1952–53 Cambridge United Reserves Whittlesey United Helpston United March British Legion Nassington
1953–54 King's Lynn Reserves Warmington Wasps Parson Drove Manea United Dogsthorpe
1954–55 Cambridge United Reserves Morton Manea United Oundle Town Warmington Wasps
1955–56 Ely City Morton Warmington Wasps Coates Athletic Barnack United
1956–57 King's Lynn Reserves Morton Thurlby United March St. Mary's Northam Star Sports
1957–58 Newmarket Town declared null and void Perkins Athletic Peterborough United 'B' Glinton United
1958–59 Cambridge United Reserves Parson Drove March St. Mary's New England United British Railways
1959–60 Soham Town Rangers Ramsey Town Crowland Town Peterborough Rovers Stamford Reserves
1960–61 Cambridge United Reserves Phorpres Sports Coates Athletic Whittlesey United Eye United
1961–62 Soham Town Rangers Perkins Athletic Blackstones Works (Blackstones F.C..) Downham Town Reserves Stamford Belvedere
1962–63 Downham Town Huntingdon United Chatteris Engineers Leverington Sports B.R.A.D.
1963–64 Chatteris Town Glinton United Peterborough Rovers Balding & Mansell Spalding Youth Old Boys
1964–65 Chatteris Town Crowland Town Leverington Sports Whittlesey Rovers R.A.F. (Wittering)
1965–66 Chatteris Town Whittlesey United Stamford Belvedere Newalls Sports Kings Cliffe
1966–67 Parsons Drove Peterborough Rovers Diesel Athletic Wimblington Old Boys Deeping Rangers
1967–68 Parsons Drove Stamford Belvedere Eye United Parson Drove Reserves Thurlby United
1968–69 Parsons Drove Glinton United Deeping Rangers Yaxley (British Legion) Pinchbeck United Reserves
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 (Southern Section) Division 3 (Northern Section) Division 4
1969–70 Parsons Drove Deeping Rangers Parson Drove Reserves Upwell Town Stamford Belvedere Reserves Stilton United
1970–71 Parsons Drove Stamford Belvedere Yaxley (British Legion) Whittlesey United Reserves Hotpoint Phorpres Sports
1971–72 Peterborough Rovers Eye United Spalding United Reserves Phorpres Sports Thorney Stamford YMCA
1972–73 Parsons Drove Eye United Phorpres Sports GPO Sports Blackstones Works Reserves Wittering Sports
1973–74 Downham Town Phorpres Sports GPO Sports Yaxley Reserves Stamford YMCA Doddington United
1974–75 Huntingdon United GPO Sports Fengate Coates Athletic Wittering Sports Ortonians Reserves
1975–76 Huntingdon United Blackstones Works Yaxley Reserves Brotherhoods Blackstones Works Reserves Pearl Assurance
1976–77 Yaxley Whittlesey United Doddington United Wisbech St. Mary B.R.A.D. March Youth Club
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
1977–78 Phorpres Sports Spalding United Reserves Eye United Reserves St. Ives Town Perkins Sports Reserves Fletton Ex-Servicemen
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
1978–79 Downham Town Perkins Sports March Town United Reserves March Youth Club Fletton Ex-Servicemen Molins Huntingdon United Reserves
1979–80 Eye United Ortonians Stamford YMCA Peterborough Rovers Reserves Whittlesey United Reserves Moulton Harrox Somersham Town Reserves
1980–81 Eye United Ortonians Yaxley Reserves Brotherhoods Moulton Harrox Ortonians Reserves Longthorpe Albion
1981–82 Eye United St. Ives Town Chatteris Town Reserves Huntingdon Town St. Ives Town Reserves Longthorpe Albion Freemans Sports
1982–83 Ortonians Perkins Sports Coates Athletic Fletton Ex-Servicemen Molins Alconbury Murrow Bell
1983–84 Yaxley Yaxley Reserves Fletton Ex-Servicemen Molins Freemans Sports Ortonians 'A' Crosfield
1984–85 King's Lynn Reserves Fletton Ex-Servicemen St. Ives Town Reserves Somersham Town Reserves Crowland Town Blackstones Works 'A' Long Sutton Athletic
1985–86 Perkins Sports Blackstones Works Reserves Woodhouse & Sturnham Crowland Town Nene Long Sutton Athletic Juventus
1986–87 Downham Town Stamford Belvedere Crowland Town Gedney Hill Long Sutton Athletic Molins Reserves Eastfield Rovers
1987–88 Downham Town Molins Thomas Cook Long Sutton Athletic Juventus Newborough Woodhouse & Sturnham Reserves
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
1988–89 Perkins Sports Whittlesey United Reserves Juventus Doddington United Hotpoint Outwell Swifts
1989–90 Pinchbeck United Manea United Moulton Harrox March Town United 'A' Outwell Swifts Wisbech Town 'A'
1990–91 Pinchbeck United Ryhall United Hotpoint Outwell Swifts Wisbech Town 'A' Goldhay United
1991–92 Molins Deeping Rangers Reserves Outwell Swifts Sawtry Ketton Hotpoint Reserves
1992–93 Perkins Sports Hotpoint Kings Cliffe Molins Reserves Hotpoint Reserves Thorney Reserves
1993–94 Ortonians Outwell Swifts Ketton Eye United Reserves Whittlesey Blue Stars Langtoft United
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
1994–95 Perkins Sports Ortonians Reserves Oundle Town Reserves Oakham Town Langtoft United Sawtry Reserves Papa Luigi
1995–96 Leverington Sports Ortonians Reserves Hotpoint Reserves Silver Jubilee Brotherhoods Reserves Long Sutton Athletic Werrington Town
1996–97 Ortonians Alconbury Silver Jubilee Parson Drove Long Sutton Athletic Werrington Town Peterborough Railway
1997–98 Oundle Town Deeping Rangers Reserves Parson Drove Long Sutton Athletic Papa Luigi Wimblington Old Boys Cross Keys
1998–99 Perkins Sports Stilton United Long Sutton Athletic Werrington Town Wimblington Old Boys Emneth Seniors Long Sutton Athletic Reserves
1999–2000 Eye United ICA Juventus Deeping Rangers 'A' Wimblington Old Boys Emneth Seniors Silver Jubilee Reserves Bearings Direct Reserves
2000–01 Eye United ICA Juventus Wimblington Old Boys Woodlands March St. Mary's Long Sutton Athletic Reserves Wimblington Old Boys Reserves
Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
2001–02 Pearl Assurance Wimblington Old Boys Emneth Seniors Sawtry Ramsey Town Reserves Castor & Ailsworth
2002–03 Eye United Emneth Seniors Crowland Town Wimblington Harriers Castor & Ailsworth Guyhirn Athletic
2003–04 Ortonians Parson Drove Hereward Old Boys Deeping Rangers 'B' Stilton United Wimblington Old Boys Reserves
2004–05 Whittlesey United Crowland Town Wimblington Harriers Sutton Bridge Coates Athletic Netherton United Reserves
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Combination Division One Combination Division Two Combination Division Three
2005–06 Ortonians Woodlands Thorney Perkins Sports Reserves Chatteris Town Reserves Pinchbeck United Reserves
2006–07 Peterborough Sports A.F.C. Fletton Reserves Langtoft United Reserves Silver Jubilee Reserves
2007–08 Perkins Sports Whittlesey United Reserves Wimblington Reserves Ramsey Town 'A'
2008–09 Ramsey Town Coates Athletic Manea United Whittlesey United Reserves Netherton United Reserves Peterborough Rovers Reserves
2009–10 Rutland Rangers Eye Sports & Social Langtoft United Holbeach United Reserves Alconbury Reserves Peterborough Sports Parkway Reserves
2010–11 Ramsey Town King's Cliffe United Whittlesey Blue Star Holbeach United Reserves Crowland Town Reserves Oundle Town Reserves
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four Division Five
2011–12 Pinchbeck United Riverside Rovers Ryhall United Langtoft United Reserves Woodston Dynamo Riverside Rovers Reserves
2012–13 Moulton Harrox King's Lynn Town Reserves Peterborough Sports Parkway Reserves Whittlesey United Reserves Wittering Peterborough Sports Parkway 'A'
2013–14 King's Lynn Town Reserves Thorney Baston Wittering Spalding Town Bretton North End
2014–15 Oakham United Coates Athletic Reserves ICA Sports 'A' Peterborough Sports 'A' Bretton North End AFC Stanground Reserves

PFA Senior Cup[edit]

  • 1995–96 Ortonians
  • 1996–97 Deeping Rangers
  • 1997–98 Wisbech Town Reserves
  • 1998–99 Perkins Sports
  • 1999–2000 Oundle Town
  • 2000–01 Eye United
  • 2001–02 Eye United
  • 2002–03 Eye United
  • 2003–04 Ortonians
  • 2004–05 Ortonians
  • 2005–06 Deeping Sports
  • 2006–07 Alconbury
  • 2007–08 Perkins Sports
  • 2008–09 Rutland Rangers
  • 2009–10 Rutland Rangers
  • 2010–11 Moulton Harrox
  • 2011–12 Pinchbeck United
  • 2012–13 Moulton Harrox
  • 2013–14 ICA Sports
  • 2014–15 Coates Athletic


The league tables of the Peterborough & District Football League 1902–2006 (Bob Perkins)

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