Peterhof landing stage

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Peterhof landing stage
Peterhof landing stage.jpg
Official name Passenger mooring Peterhof
Russian: Пассажирский причал Петергоф
Type Hydrofoil boats lines Pier
Carries Pedestrian
Spans Gulf of Finland
Locale Petergof, suburb of St. Petersburg
Construction Pile structure
Owner Peterhof Palace museum
Total length 136.5 meters
Width 8 meters
Coordinates 59°53′26″N 29°54′47″E / 59.89056°N 29.91306°E / 59.89056; 29.91306Coordinates: 59°53′26″N 29°54′47″E / 59.89056°N 29.91306°E / 59.89056; 29.91306
Peterhof landing stage is located in Saint Petersburg
Peterhof landing stage

Peterhof landing stage is a mooring for hydrofoil boats, of the type Meteor, in the Lower Gardens of Peterhof Palace. It is located in northern end Sea Channel and is in a C-shaped form. The exit from it is directed aside St. Petersburg.

The mooring and foot platform are located at the open coast of Gulf of Finland. It has a length of 136.5 metres (448 ft), width of 8 metres (26 ft), it consists of a platform of 23 flights, each flight is formed by two numbers of the ferro-concrete piles united in a frame by a ferro-concrete crossbar. From above the design is blocked by ferro-concrete plates tee bars on five plates in flight.[1]

For all visitors entry to Lower Gardens requires the purchase of tickets, but for visitors arriving by hydrofoil it is included in cost of the ticket for a sea line.


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