Peters (crater)

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Lunar crater Peters.png
Location of the lunar crater Peters.
Coordinates 68°06′N 29°30′E / 68.1°N 29.5°E / 68.1; 29.5Coordinates: 68°06′N 29°30′E / 68.1°N 29.5°E / 68.1; 29.5
Diameter 15 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 331° at sunrise
Eponym Christian A. F. Peters
Oblique view from Lunar Orbiter 4

Peters is a small lunar impact crater in the north-northeastern part of the Moon, lying in the gap between Neison to the west and Arnold to the southeast. Due south of Peters is the crater Moigno.

This is not a particularly prominent feature, having a low rim and an interior floor that has been almost completely submerged by lava flows. The rim is circular and only lightly worn, with a notch along the southeast. The inner surface is level and almost featureless.