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Pronunciation /ˈptərsən/ PEE-tər-sən
Word/Name Biblical
Meaning "son of Peter"
Other names
Variant(s) De Pietro, Di Pietro, McFetridge, Peters, Peeters, Péterffy, Péterfi, Pētersons, Petersen, Petraitis, Petrenko, Petrov, Petrescu, Petriadze, Petriashvili, Petropoulos, Petrou, Petrović, Petrovič, Petravičius, Petrosyan, Petrovski, Pérez, Peres, Pieters, Pieterse, Pietersen, Piotrowicz, Piotrowski, Pires

Peterson is a Scandinavian patronymic surname meaning "son of Peter." The given name Peter is derived from the Greek πέτρος (petros), meaning "rock" or "stone," and has been a popular name choice throughout history for the Christian apostle Peter. The surname is most commonly found in European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Brussels in the northwestern region.[1] There are an estimated 700 variant spellings of the surname.[2] The form Peterson may also have arisen from Danish Petersen with a change of spelling commonly applied by Danish immigrants to English-speaking countries.

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