Petite Creuse

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Petite Creuse
La Petite Creuse.jpg
Country France
Basin features
Main source In Treignat
490 m (1,610 ft)
46°19′41″N 02°21′28″E / 46.32806°N 2.35778°E / 46.32806; 2.35778
River mouth Creuse
202 m (663 ft)
46°23′14″N 01°40′17″E / 46.38722°N 1.67139°E / 46.38722; 1.67139Coordinates: 46°23′14″N 01°40′17″E / 46.38722°N 1.67139°E / 46.38722; 1.67139
Progression CreuseVienneLoireAtlantic Ocean
Basin size 850 km2 (330 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 95.2 km (59.2 mi)
  • Average rate:
    8.75 m3/s (309 cu ft/s)

The Petite Creuse (French: la Petite Creuse, the small Creuse) is a 95.2 km (59.2 mi) long river in Allier and Creuse départements, in central France. Its source is at Treignat, 2.5 km (1.6 mi) southeast of the village. It is a left tributary of the Creuse River into which it flows at Fresselines. The river is dammed at several locations creating valley lakes that are extensively used for recreation such as fishing, boating and swimming. The dams are used to generate electricity and to provide water treatment plants providing drinking water to local communities.

Départements and communes along its course[edit]

This list ist ordered from source to mouth: