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Petite Suite, Sz. 105, BB 113 is a reduction for piano of six of Bartók's 44 Duos for Two Violins, arranged by the composer in 1936.


This six-movement work is a collection of excerpts from the 44 duos above mentioned. The movement list is as follows:

  • I. Lassú (slow tune), which comes from No. 28: Bánkodás (sorrow)
  • II. Máramarosi tánc (Wallachian dance), which comes from No. 32: Máramarosi tánc (dance from Máramaros)
  • III. Forgatós (whirling dance), which comes from No. 38: Forgatós (Romanian whirling dance)
  • IV. Pengetós (quasi pizzicato), which comes from No. 43: Pizzicato
  • V. Oroszos (Ruthenian dance), which comes from No. 16: Burleszk (burlesque)
  • VI. Dudás (bagpipes), which comes from No. 36: Szól a duda (bagpipes)

Notable recordings[edit]

Notable recordings of the piano reduction include:

Piano Solo Record Company Year of Recording Format
Jenő Jandó Naxos Records 2005 CD[1]


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