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Skoumal in May 2013.

Petr Skoumal (7 March 1938 – 28 September 2014) was a Czech musician and composer.[1]

Skoumal focused on film music. He also composed music for animated shorts (i.e. Pat & Mat, Maxipes Fík). In the past he made several stage performances with Jan Vodňanský in The Drama Club in Prague. After the break-up of the duo he made several albums for adults, echoing the communist times (i.e. Half-life, March). In the 90s he started a series of albums for children, based on the stories of Emanuel Frynta, Pavel Šrut and Jan Vodňanský (i.e. If the Pig Had Wings, Pastries, How to hunt a Gorilla). The former was made into a stage performance for Divadlo v Dlouhé.

He was the son of the notable Czech translator Aloys Skoumal.

He died in 2014 at age of 76. His funeral was held at the Strašnice Crematorium in Prague.[1]


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