Petrašiūnai Cemetery

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Petrašiūnai Cemetery
Bernardas Brazdžionis 001.jpg
A traditional cross at Petrašiūnai Cemetery
(Grave of Bernardas Brazdžionis)
AddressM. Gimbutienės g. 28 (street)
LocationKaunas, Lithuania
Coordinates54°53′16″N 24°00′31″E / 54.88778°N 24.00861°E / 54.88778; 24.00861Coordinates: 54°53′16″N 24°00′31″E / 54.88778°N 24.00861°E / 54.88778; 24.00861
TypeNational cemetery

Petrašiūnai Cemetery (Lithuanian: Petrašiūnų kapinės) is Lithuania's premiere last resting place formally designated for graves of people influential in national history, politics, arts, and science.


Petrašiūnai Cemetery is located about 6 miles (9.7 km) south-east of the center of Kaunas, Lithuania. It covers over 22 acres (8.9 ha) in a quiet area of a peninsula formed by the Neman River where its bend was widened by Kaunas Reservoir. Its name, Lithuanian: Petrašiūnų ("of Petrašiūnai"), is based on Petrašiūnai, the borough of the City of Kaunas where it is placed.


The construction of the cemetery began by the end of 1939, burials started in 1941, it was periodically expanded in the late 1950s and needed substantial restoration after the gale of 6 August 2010.[1] The options for a burial at the cemetery have been formally restricted since 1972,[2] the authorities designated it as the location where prominent people of Lithuania are buried, the last resting place of accomplished scientists, writers, artists, and politicians.

Notable graves[edit]


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