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Petra is the Nabataean kingdom capital's archeological site, carved in the desert rock of (Trans)Jordan.

Petra, PETRA or Petria may also refer to :

  • Petra papyri, AKA Petra archive, a corpus of papyrus documents in Greek from to the sixth century AD that were discovered there

Places and jurisdictions[edit]


  • Petra in Aegypto, a Hellenistic city and former bishopric in Aegyptus Primus, now Hagar-En-Nauatiyeh (Egypt) and a Latin Catholic titular see
  • Petra, Cyprus, a former intercommunal village in Northern Cyprus
  • Petra, Majorca, a town in Balearic Spain


Black Sea
  • Petra, Lazica, alias Petra in Lazica, a Roman fortress, settlement and former bishopric in Colchis, modern Georgia, now a Latin Catholic titular see
  • Petra, a village in Bâcleș Commune, Mehedinţi County, Romania


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