Petro Trochanowski

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Petro Trochanowski
Born 10 August 1947
Parchów, Silesia (southwest Poland)
Other names Petro Murianka
Occupation Poet, Editor, Folk musician
Known for Besida
Relatives Jaroslaw Trochanowski[1][2]

Petro Trochanowski or Piotr Trochanowski (born 10 August 1947) was born in Parchów, Silesia in the southwestern part of Poland to Lemko parents from Binczarowa. He is the editor of Besida, published in Krynica since 1989. He is a spokesperson for the Lemko ethnic group in Poland and internationally. He is also published under the pseudonym Petro Murianka.[3]

He was the first person who was not an ethnic Pole to win the Stanisław Piętak Prize.




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