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Petro Zheji (born 1929) [1] is a well known Albanian scientist, philosopher, translator and author from Gjirokastër who lives and works intellectually in Tiranë Albania.


Zheji studied at the Qemal Stafa High School, in Tirana, Albania.[2] At the end of the 1970s Zheji realized his famous discovery in the field of Linguistics and Logics, presented in the book entitled Albanian and Sanskrit language (Shqipja dhe Sankritishtja). This is the first comprehensive and systematic comparison between Albanian and Sanskrit, long considered as a mother tongue (Muttersprache) of archaic and new languages. The book displays the intimate and expansive affinities, not merely in simple concordances (words sharing sound and meaning alike) but especially in view of "articulating" the deeper etymology (as Zheji coins it: "motivating") of the treasure hove that is the Sanskrit language and Vedic heritage. Albanian emerges as a profoundly motivating language, containing an array of "free operators" (simple monosyllabic roots) which combine, recombine and permutate - so as to form the marvelous texture that is Sanskrit. To put it in simple terms, the book reveals Albanian's key position in etymologizing "en profondeur" not only Sanskrit, but indeed with languages considered to belong to wholly different language families. So Albanian's antiquity reaches the archaic levels of the Vedas and indeed the arsenal of Albanian free simple operators tells the story that Sanskrit is a "compound" (agglutinative) language.

The publication saw the light only after the 1990s, and comprises the priceless contribution not simple to Albanological sciences - but indeed to the Scientific Project worldwide. It is an inter-displinary study 'par excellence'. In the spirit of Holism and the New Age.

The Symbolic Algorithm, the system of symbolic logics encompassing rational (determinist) logics and the transcendental logics of "Tertium Datur". This Interpretative Apparatus articulates symbolic-logic statements of transversal relevance to different fields of Knowledge and dimensions of Reality.

The application of the Symbolic Algorithm to delve into the primordial roots of the Albanian Language - is exquisitely presented at "Book of Aphorisms" (alb. Libri i Aforizmave) published in 2012. This study speaks of the amazing richness - philosophical, mistical, scientific - abounding in all Languages, and in this particular case in Albanian.


  • "The Albanian and Sanskrit language - Shqipja dhe Sanskritishtja" - First Part 2001
  • "The Albanian and Sanskrit language - Shqipja dhe Sanskritishtja" - Second Part 2006
  • “Book of Aphorisms - Libri i aforizmave” - 2012



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