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This article is about the Czech piano manufacturer. For other uses, see Petrof (disambiguation).
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1864
Founder Antonín Petrof
Headquarters Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Area served
Key people
Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová
Products Grand pianos and upright pianos
Production output
Yearly around 1,750 new grand pianos and 12,000 uprights[1]
Number of employees
about 1,000[1]
Auditioning Petrof pianos at the factory
1895 ad for Petrof pianos

Petrof is a Czech piano manufacturer. The company was founded in 1864 in Hradec Králové by Antonín Petrof (d. 1915), who had studied piano making in Vienna.

History of Petrof[edit]

1857 – The company founder Antonín Petrof goes to Vienna to learn, how to build grand pianos
1864 – Hradec Králové - building of the first concert grand piano
1865 – Antonín Petrof transforms his father's joinery workshop into a piano maker's workshop
1874 – The company moves to a new property in the direction of Brno
1881 – The company starts keyboard production and the construction of action
1884 – The construction of a saw mill
1894 – Start exporting instruments abroad
1895 – Subsidiary in Temesvár in Hungary opened
1908 – The company becomes a limited company. Not only the founder Antonín Petrof, but also his sons Jan, Antonín and from 1914 the youngest Vladimír (2nd generation) work for the company.
1915 – Antonín Petrof and his wife Marie, the company confidential clerk die
1928 – Petrof together with the significant American and German piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons open a subsidiary in London at Wigmore Street.
1932 – The company management enlarges the company administration with the 3rd Petrof generation: Dimitrij, Eduard and Eugena
1948 – Nationalization - the national company Továrny na piana a varhany (piano and organ factories) with a registered office at Hradec Králové is established; the Petrof brand is further used
1954 – Development department for upright pianos and grand pianos is established.
1965 – 1965 became part of Czechoslovak Musical Instruments Hradec Králové.
1991 – The Petrof family returns to the factory
Ing. Jan Petrof (4th generation) after 40 years of communistic regime
Start of privatization process
1994 – New modern research centre with own big-capacity free-field measuring chamber, biggest of its kind in the Czech republic, opened
1997 – Továrna na piana, a. s. established in Hradec Králové
1999 – 135th anniversary of establishment of Petrof company
2001 – Petrof, spol. s r. o. - the factory passed fully into the hands of the Petrof family, 5th generation enters
2004 – Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová becomes president of the company – 5th generation
2005 – Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová - appointed president of European Federation of Music Instrument Manufacturers - CAFIM


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