Petrom Brazi Power Station

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Brazi Power Plant
Location Prahova County
Status Operational
Commission date 2012
Owner(s) Petrom
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas
Power generation
Units operational 2
Nameplate capacity 860 MW

The Petrom Brazi Power Station is one of the largest electricity producers in Romania, having 2 natural gas-fired groups of 430 MW[1] each, totalling an installed capacity of 860 MW and an electricity generation capacity of around 6 TWh/year.

The power plant is situated in Prahova County (southern Romania) near Petrom's refinery in Brazi. The construction of the power plant began in 2009 and was completed in 2011 at a total cost of 530 million Euros.[1]


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Coordinates: 44°52′49″N 25°59′56″E / 44.880334°N 25.99896°E / 44.880334; 25.99896