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Petropedetes cameronensis 1874.jpg
Petropedetes cameronensis
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Superfamily: Ranoidea
Family: Petropedetidae
Noble, 1931
Type genus
Reichenow, 1874


The Petropedetidae are a family of frogs containing three genera and 12 species.[1][2] They are found in sub-Saharan tropical Africa[1] and are sometimes known under common name African torrent frogs.[3]

They are inhabitants of the splash-water zone of clear-running streams predominantly in forests. Tadpoles are either semiterrestrial in the spray zone or fully aquatic in zones of the strongest currents. Some species guard their clutches.[3] They are small (Ericabatrachus)[4] or medium- to large-sized frogs (Arthroleptides and Petropedetes).[3]


The Petropedetidae are related to true frogs, family Ranidae, and have often been considered as a subfamily within a broadly defined Ranidae.[5] However, they are now commonly treated as a family,[1][2][5][6] although the genera included may differ between sources. In particular, Conraua is sometimes included in the Petropedetidae,[6] instead of forming its own monogeneric family Conrauidae.[1][2][6]


The three genera in the family are:[1][2]

  • Arthroleptides Nieden, 1911 – African torrent frogs, three species
  • Ericabatrachus Largen, 1991 – Bale Mountains frogs, one species
  • Petropedetes Reichenow, 1874 – African water frogs, eight species

Recognition of Arthroleptides as a genus separate from Petropedetes is recent.[3][7]


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