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Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago
Industry Oil and gas industry
Predecessor Trintoc, Trintopec
Founded January 1993 (1993-01)
Headquarters Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago
Key people
Wilfred Espinet (Chairman)[1]
Total assets TT$40.5 billion
Owner Government of Trinidad and Tobago
Number of employees

Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (Petrotrin) is a state-owned oil company in Trinidad and Tobago. The company was established in 1993 by the merger of Trintopec and Trintoc, two state-owned oil companies. A third company, Trinmar Ltd was merged into the company in 2000.[3] Trintoc was formed from the assets of Shell Trinidad Ltd., and Texaco, while Trintopec was formed when the government purchased Trinidad Tesoro a joint venture between the government and Tesoro Oil Company which was created to purchase the assets of British Petroleum. These companies were formed from a suite of earlier companies (including United British Oilfields of Trinidad (UBOT) and Trinidad Leaseholds Limited) which had themselves been formed from the companies which were first able to commercialise oil finds in Trinidad in the early twentieth century.

Petrotrin operates in land and marine acreage across southern Trinidad. In some instances, the company has engaged in joint ventures, lease operatorships, farmouts and incremental production services contracts to support its exploration and production activities. In 2004, Petrotrin was granted an automatic stake in all exploration and production arrangements with foreign companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Today, Petrotrin operates Trinidad and Tobago's single petroleum refinery, located at Pointe-à-Pierre, just north of San Fernando in south Trinidad. Some crude is imported to meet the needs of the refinery which produces liquid petroleum gases, unleaded motor gasoline, avjet/kerosene, diesel/ heating oil, fuel oil and aviation gasoline among other products.

Petrotrin is currently engaged in its second refinery upgrade to improve the quality of refined products exported to regional and international markets.

Petrotrin currently produces 48,047 barrels per day (7,638.9 m3/d) and has proven reserves totaling 439,585 million barrels (6.98884×1010 m3).

The refinery has a capacity of 190 thousand barrels per day (30,000 m3/d) and it is the only refinery in the world that operates alongside a wildlife park[4]

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