Petrova Gora

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Petrova gora
Petrova gora is located in Croatia
Petrova gora
Petrova gora
Location of Petrova gora within Croatia
Highest point
Elevation 512 m (1,680 ft)
Coordinates 45°14′30″N 15°48′23″E / 45.24167°N 15.80639°E / 45.24167; 15.80639Coordinates: 45°14′30″N 15°48′23″E / 45.24167°N 15.80639°E / 45.24167; 15.80639
Location Croatia

Petrova Gora (English: Peter's Mountain) is a mountain range in central Croatia. The range used to be named Gvozd (Croatian for 'forest'), but was renamed after 1097 to honour Petar Svačić, the last native king of Croatia who died on the mountain in a battle against Coloman of Hungary.

During World War II, Petrova Gora was the location of the communist Partisan's central military hospital which consisted of a system of underground chambers and log cabins scattered throughout the mountain range. The hospital was never discovered by any of the armed forces of the Axis powers and remained in operation until May 1945. Starting in 1940, the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, from makeshift underground printing rooms on the mountain, started printing Vjesnik, a daily newspaper that was printed daily in Croatia until 2012.[1]

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