Petrovec, Republic of Macedonia

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This article is about a Macedonian village; for the Serbian town, see Bački Petrovac.

Petrovec (Macedonian: About this sound Петровец)  is a village in the Republic of Macedonia situated about 15 km southeast of the national capital Skopje. It is the seat of the Petrovec municipality.

Though rather small, the village is known throughout the country as being the nearest settlement to Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, the bigger of two international airports in the Republic of Macedonia (for this, Petrovec had previously been the name of the airport). Petrovec is mostly populated by Macedonians, but also by smaller groups of Bosniaks, Serbs and Romani.

Coordinates: 41°56′N 21°37′E / 41.933°N 21.617°E / 41.933; 21.617

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