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Peter Giles
Quinten Massijs (I) - Portrait of Pieter Gillis - WGA14290.jpg
Born (1486-07-28)July 28, 1486
Died 6 or 11 November 1533 (aged 47)
Nationality Flemish
Other names Petrus Ægidius, Peter Giles, Peter Gilles
Occupation magistrate of Antwerp[1]
Known for friendship with Sir Thomas More
Spouse(s) Cornelia Sandrien, Maria Denis Adriaensdochter, Kathelijne Draeckx[2]

Pieter Gillis (28 July 1486 – 6 or 11 November 1533), known by his anglicised name Peter Giles and sometimes the Latinised Petrus Ægidius, was a humanist, printer, and secretary to the city of Antwerp in the early sixteenth century.[2] He is most famous as a friend and supporter of Rodolphus Agricola, Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More.

Thomas More's Utopia, although fictional, includes Pieter Gillis as a character in Book I. More dedicated Utopia to Gillis, who may have designed the Utopian alphabet. They first met when diplomatic business brought More to Antwerp.[1]


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