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Imran Khan, Pakistan's Prime Minister-in-waiting, owns five dogs who live at his residence in Bani Gala, Islamabad.


Khan's dogs have been a focus of interest in several media reports, and often find reference amongst journalists during his interviews.[1][2][3][4][5] According to the Financial Times, a typical day in Khan's routine begins with breakfast, "walking the dogs and gathering his thoughts", followed by morning exercise.[2] In a 2012 interview with Meher Bukhari, Khan mentioned that he kept dogs as a necessity, in order to guard his house.[6] The dogs also accompany him during one of his favourite pastimes, hunting partridges.[7] His keeping of dogs has been targeted by his political opponents; federal minister Khawaja Saad Rafique once berated Khan in parliament for his affection to canines, stating it was "against cultural/religious values."[8] Rafique's controversy evoked a rejoinder from many commentators such as Talat Farooq and Hamid Mir.[9][10] The presence of Khan's dogs has been noted even during official meetings inside his house.[11]

In 2015, the Daily Mail alleged that Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan because of a row over his pet dogs.[12][13][14] This was later denied by Reham.[15][16]

In April 2018, Khan said he had a total of five pet dogs.[17][18]

Khan's dogs were covered in much detail by Reham in her 2018 autobiography, Reham Khan. Reham wrote that Pervez Musharraf had previously gifted several puppies to Imran Khan, and that Imran Khan was fond of "handsome dogs".[19] Wikipedia's coverage of Khan's pets has also drawn much interest amongst newspapers.[20]

Frank Huzur in Imran Versus Imran: The Untold Story wrote Imran Khan loved dogs since his childhood. And that his mother used to encourage him to play with all types of dogs.[21]


In 2011, Pervez Musharraf gifted a puppy to Imran Khan before his self-imposed exile. The puppy was born at the Musharraf’s farmhouse.[22] Reham Khan claimed his name was Sheru[23] an Alsatian.[19] The dog was gifted to Pervez Musharraf by a former Chancellor of Germany.[24][22]

In September 2014, Imran Khan in a TV talk show revealed that Sheru has died three months ago.[25]

In April 2018, reports and social media rumours emerged that Khan had removed Sheru from his Bani Gala house on the advice of his third wife Bushra Maneka. According to local media, a new quarter was being built for the dog within Khan's premises but outside the main residence building, as his wife was not comfortable with pet animals inside the house.[26] However, Khan during a press conference denied the media reports lightheartedly, and said Sheru had died three to four years ago.[27][18]

Imran Khan used to call him "tiger".[21] Sheru literary means 'lion'.[23]


Sherni was a Kuchi dog,[23] who died from dehydration while living at Khan's Bani Gala house.[19] Sherni means 'Lioness'.[23]


Motu is an offspring of Sheru[19] and Khan's late Kuchi breed, Sherni.[23]

In April 2018, the dogs had reportedly been blamed for a spat between Imran Khan and his third wife Bushra Maneka.[28] According to the reports, the dogs were causing unease and disturbance for Bushra during her religious activities and she allegedly left Bani Gala for her family home following the spat.[29][30][31][32] The rumors, which originally circulated on the Daily Ummat newspaper, were refuted by both Khan and his wife.[33] Reham Khan said "I suspect it could be Motu that is causing disturbance. But then, Motu is not really an indoor type".[34]

Imran Khan denied the rumors that Motu was removed from the Bani Gala premises.[35] As of April 2018, Motu was living in Imran Khan's Bani Gala house.[27][18] Motu literally translates to 'fatty'.[23]


Pidu's ears had been removed at birth. Reham Khan claimed Pidu was injured after Imran Khan accidentally ran his car over him. He was given away from the house following the incident.[19] Pidu means 'tiny'.[23]


Maximus (also nicknamed Hugo Maximus or Max),[2] a Belgian Shepherd, was brought by Reham Khan from the United Kingdom to Bani Gala after her marriage with Imran Khan. The dog remained Imran Khan’s favourite during his stay at Bani Gala. Maximus reportedly left Bani Gala after the divorce of Imran and Reham.[16]

Other animals[edit]

Khan also rears his own chickens, water buffalo and cows on his 35-acre farmhouse property, and uses their organic produce.[7] During her marriage to Imran, Jemima Khan had acknowledged the couple owning two dogs, in addition to chickens and a goat "so we can have free-range eggs and meat from the garden."[36][4] A 1996 news piece described one of his hounds as a "boisterous guard dog", nicknamed Tiger. Tiger had been acquired from Waziri tribesmen during one of Imran's trips to the northwestern tribal areas.[4]

Khan's dogs found a mention in Michael Palin's 2004 book Himalaya, when the latter interviewed him at his house and was greeted by "three amiable dogs... tails wagging vigorously, until that becomes too much of an effort and they collapse, bellies flat against warm stones or on their backs in the shade of the verandah, legs spread-eagled in abandon." Palin describes one of the dogs as a Labrador.[3]

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