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Koni crop.jpg
Konni in August 2001
Breed Labrador Retriever
Sex Female
Born 1999
Died 2014 (15 years old)
Offspring At least eight puppies

Vladimir Putin, current president of Russia, owns three dogs, who live at his residence in Moscow. He is actively involved in the conservation of many endangered Russian species.[1]



Verni (2017 to Present)[edit]

Verni was a belated birthday gift from the leader of Turkmenistan during a meeting in Sochi. The puppy is an Alabai, a top Turkmen-bred variety of the Central Asian shepherd dog. 'Verni', means 'Faithful' in Russian.[2]

Yume (2012 to Present)[edit]

Konni with President Vladimir Putin in 2001.

Yume, a 3-month old Akita puppy, arrived in Moscow from Tokyo, Japan in July 2012, as the Akita Prefecture’s gift to show gratitude for assistance from Russia after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. [3][4][5][6]

Buffy (2010 to Present)[edit]

Buffy, a caramel and white Bulgarian male 10-week-old shepherd Karakachan dog, was given to President Vladimir Putin during a visit to Bulgaria in November 2010.[7]

Konni (1999 to 2014)[edit]

Konni, (1999–2014) was a female black Labrador Retriever. Konni was born in 1999 and presented to Putin in December 2000. Konni was often seen at the President's side, and was sometimes allowed to attend meetings when Putin greeted world leaders during their visits to Russia.

Putin was being updated on the progress of the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS in 2007, when he inquired as to whether he would be able to buy a device hooked into GLONASS that would allow him to keep track of his dog, Konni. The collar was demonstrated on Konni on 17 October 2008, thus making Konni the first recipient of a GLONASS-enabled pet collar.[8][9]

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