Pettit (Martian crater)

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Pettit Crater
Martian crater Pettit based on day THEMIS.png
Crater Pettit based on THEMIS day-time image
Planet Mars
Coordinates 12°23′N 173°52′W / 12.39°N 173.87°W / 12.39; -173.87Coordinates: 12°23′N 173°52′W / 12.39°N 173.87°W / 12.39; -173.87
Diameter 92.49 km
Eponym Edison Pettit, an American astronomer (1890-1962)

Pettit Crater is a crater in the Amazonis quadrangle of Mars, located at 12.39° north latitude and 173.87° west longitude. Pettit lies west of the giant volcano Olympus Mons.[1] It is 92.49 km in diameter and was named after Edison Pettit, an American astronomer (1890–1962).[2]

No major craters are located nearby but some smaller ones as the area's surface is young west is the large and wide but low Marte Vallis, also in the west are Tartarus Colles and the noted Orcus Patera. Around 250 km west is the 180th meridian marking the furthermost areas of the planet, west of that is the Elysium quadrangle.

Pettit has a circular central peak in the middle, the peak features dark slope streaks.


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