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Petty Booka is a Japanese musical group that consists of two women, Petty and Booka, who sing and play ukulele. Most of the band's early output consisted of cover versions of Hawaiian ukulele classics. The two also do many covers of well-known rock songs. Petty Booka is part of Sister Benten Online, a record company run by Audrey "Benten" Kimura. The band is based in Japan, and has made tours of Europe and North America.

In 1997, the original Petty left the duo, and a new Petty filled her spot. In November 2002, the original Booka also left to take care of her baby and was replaced by Candy Eyeslugger's Maiko. The current "Petty" and "Booka" hail from Chiba and Saitama, Japan. [1]

The band has found some fame in Austin, Texas, participating in SXSW's (South by Southwest, a music and festivity-oriented organization of Austin) Japan Nite project. The project holds concerts and puts out a new album every year.

As of 2008, they are actively touring and recording. Petty Booka has previously toured with Bad Credit and The Aquabats. Their next release will reportedly be a Bluegrass album.


  • Tokyo Bluegrass Honeys [Live] (Benten Tokyo/BNTN-069, 2008)
  • Toconut's Hawaii (Ben Ten, ?)
  • Sweethearts of the Radio
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Hawaiian Pure Heart
  • Fujiyama Mama
  • Ukulele Lady
  • Singin' in the Rain (Vivid, 2001)
  • Dancing with Petty Booka (Benten Tokyo/Acg, 2006)
  • Summer Breeze (Crown, 2000)


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