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Petuh (Petu) is a mixed language[1] of Flensburg, a mixture of German, Low German, Danish, and Southern Jutish spoken in Flensburg on the German–Danish border. It is High German in vocabulary (with some Danish concepts and loan translations), but it has Danish and Low Saxon grammar and syntax.[citation needed] It originated in the 19th century and was still vibrant in the 1950s, but it is now on the verge of extinction.

Petuh was named after partout card (Year pass) on the ferries on the Flensburg Fjord. It was known by the petuhtants, mostly older women who met on the excursion boats and in the cafes along the fjord.

Petu German
Wie kann ich sitzen bei ausses Licht un szue Rollo'n un nähn abbe Knöppe an? Wie kann ich ohne Licht sitzen und bei geschlossenen Rollos Knöpfe annähen?
besüsseln jemanden hegen und pflegen
figellinsch schlitzohrig
Kinner einlegen Kinder ins Bett bringen


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