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This is a discography for Petula Clark.


Year Album title UK[1] US Label & catalogue no.
1956 Petula Clark Sings UK Pye Nixa
A Date with Pet UK Pye Nixa
1957 You Are My Lucky Star UK Pye Nixa
1958 A Musicorama UK Pye Nixa
1959 Petula Clark in Hollywood
Pet Clark (US title)
UK Pye Nixa NPL 18039 Mono
Imperial LP 9079 (Mono), SLP.12027 (Stereo)
Prends Mon Coeur France Vogue
1961 Tête à Tête avec Petula Clark France Vogue
1962 Rendez-Vous avec Petula Clark France Vogue
In Other Words UK Pye NPL 18070 Mono
Petula UK Pye
1963 Petula Clark France Vogue
Le Soleil dans les Yeux France Vogue
1964 Ceux Qui ont un Coeur France Vogue
Hello Paris France Vogue
UK Pye
Le James Dean France Vogue
UK Pye
1965 Downtown 21 UK Pye NPL 18114 Mono
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1590 Mono, WS 1590 Stereo
I Know a Place 42 UK Pye NPL 18118 Mono
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1598 Mono, WS 1598 Stereo
The International Hits 129 UK Pye NPL 18123 Mono
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1608 Mono, WS 1608 Stereo
Petula '65 France Vogue
1966 My Love 68 UK Pye NPL 18141 Mono
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1630 Mono, WS 1630 Stereo
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love 11 43 UK Pye NPL 18148 Mono
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1645 Mono, WS 1645 Stereo
Petula Clark's Hit Parade (UK Only) 18 UK Pye NPL 18159 Mono, NSPL 18159 Stereo
1967 Colour My World
Color My World / Who Am I (US title)
16 49 UK Pye NPL 18171 Mono, NSPL 18171 Stereo
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1673 Mono, WS 1673 Stereo
These Are My Songs 38 27 UK Pye NPL 18197 Mono, NSPL 18197 Stereo
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1698 Mono, WS 1698 Stereo
1968 The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener 37 93 UK Pye NPL 18211 Mono, NSPL 18211 Stereo
U.S. Warner Bros. W 1719 Mono, WS 1719 Stereo
Petula 51 UK Pye NPL 18235
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1743 Stereo
Finian's Rainbow (soundtrack) 90 UK Pye
U.S. Warner Bros. BS 2550 Stereo
Petula Clark's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 57 UK Pye NPL 18397
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1765 Stereo
1969 Portrait of Petula 37 UK Pye NSPL 18292
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1789 Stereo
Goodbye, Mr. Chips (soundtrack) 164 UK MGM CS-8113
U.S. MGM S1E-19 STX Stereo
Just Pet 176 Pye NSPL 18325 Stereo
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1823 Stereo
1970 Memphis 198 Pye NSPL 18345
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1862 Stereo
1971 The Song of My Life
Warm and Tender (US title)
178 Pye NSPL 18363
U.S. Warner Bros. WS 1885 Stereo
Today UK Pye
Petula '71 UK Pye
1972 Live at the Royal Albert Hall Pye
La Chanson de Marie Madeleine France Vogue
Comme une Priere France Vogue
1973 Petula France Az Stec Records
Now UK Polydor
1974 Come On Home UK Polydor
Live in London UK Polydor
1975 I'm the Woman You Need UK Polydor
Just Petula UK Polydor
1977 20 All-Time Greatest 18
Je Reviens France CBS
1978 Destiny UK CBS
1983 An Hour in Concert with Petula Clark
and the London Philharmonic Orchestra
1991 Portrait of a Song Stylist UK Knight Records
1992 Treasures UK Scotti Bros.
1995 Blue Lady: Nashville Sessions Varese Vintage
1998 Where the Heart Is UK VSOP
Here for You
2001 Sign of the Times
2002 The Ultimate Collection 18
2004 Live at the Paris Olympia
2007 In Her Own Write UK Sepia
2008 Then & Now: The Very Best of Petula Clark 17
2012 Petula Sony France
2013 Lost in You 24 Sony
2016 From Now On 70 Sony
2017 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love - Hits, Classics & More BMG (2 CD set)
2017 Living for Today BMG
2018 Vu d'ici Canada Productions Martin Leclerc Inc. 8878


Pye/Vogue/Warner Years

Year EP Title Track Listing Label / Catalogue No.
1964 Downtown 1. Downtown
2. Thank You
3. Baby It's Me
4. True Love Never Runs Smooth
UK Pye NEP 24206
1965 Call Me 1. Call Me
2. Heart
3. Everything in the Garden
4. Strangers and Lovers
UK Pye NEP 24237
1966 My Love 1. My Love
2. Have I the Right?
3. Round Every Corner
4. You're the One
UK Pye NEP 24246
Just Say Goodbye 1. Just Say Goodbye
2. The Life and Soul of the Party
3. Hold On to What You've Got
4. We Can Work It Out
UK Pye NEP 24259
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love 1. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
2. Come Rain or Come Shine
3. Wasn't It You
4. A Sign of the Times
UK Pye NEP 24266
1967 This is My Song 1. This is My Song
2. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
3. Colour My World
4. Who Am I
UK Pye NEP 24279
The Many Faces of Petula Clark 1. Don't Sleep in the Subway
2. Boy from Ipanema
3. Never on Sunday
4. Winchester Cathedral
UK Pye NEP 24280
Here, There and Everywhere 1. Here, There and Everywhere
2. Las Vegas
3. What Would I Be?
4. While the Children Play
UK Pye NEP 24286
1968 Don't Give Up 1. Don't Give Up
2. Kiss Me Goodbye
3. The Cat in the Window
4. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
UK Pye NEP 24301
The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener 1. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
2. Smile
3. Answer Me, My Love
4. I Could Have Danced All Night Long
5. At the Crossroads
6. The Cat in the Window
U.S. Warner Bros. S 1719 EP
Petula 1. Have Another Dream on Me
2. Your Love Is Everywhere
3. One in a Million
4. The Sun Shines out of Your Shoes
5. Days
6. Why Can't I Cry
U.S. Warner Bros. S 1743 EP


Year Single Peak chart positions
UK[2] AUS[3] CAN[4] FRA GER ITA US Hot 100 US Cashbox US AC IRE
1949 "Put Your Shoes On Lucy"
b/w "There's a House in the Sky"
"I'll Always Love You"
b/w "Clancy Lowered The Boom"
"Silver Dollar"
1950 "You Are My True Love"
b/w "You're the Sweetest in the Land"
"Beloved Be Faithful"
b/w "Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul"
"Two Lips" (duet with Benny Lee)
1951 "Tennessee Waltz"
b/w "Sleepy Eyes"
b/w "Black Note Serenade"
"May Kwai"
b/w "Clickety Clack"
b/w "Broken Heart"
"That's How a Love Song Is Born"
b/w "Cold Cold Heart"
"Tell Me Truly"
b/w "Song of the Mermaid"
1952 "It Had To Be You"
b/w "The Card"
"A Boy In Love"
b/w "Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul"
"Where Did My Snowman Go"
b/w "Anytime Is Tea Time Now"
1953 "Made in Heaven"
b/w "Temptation Rag"
"My Love Is a Wanderer"
b/w "Take Care of Yourself"
"Christopher Robin at Buckingham Palace"
b/w "Three Little Kittens"
"Poppa Piccolino"
b/w "The Who-Is-It Song"
1954 "The Little Shoemaker"
b/w "Helpless"
7 1
"Meet Me in Battersea Park"
b/w "A Long Way to Go"
b/w "Somebody"
"Little Johnny Rainbow"
b/w "Christmas Cards"
b/w "Fascinating Rhythm"
1955 "Romance in Rome"
b/w "Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang the Little Bird)"
"The Pendulum Song"
b/w "Crazy Otto Rag"
"How Are Things with You"
b/w "Tuna Puna Trinidad"
"Suddenly There's a Valley"
b/w "With Your Love"
1956 "Band of Gold"
b/w "Memories Are Made of This"
"To You, My Love"
b/w "Fortune Teller"
"Another Door Opens"
b/w "A Million Stars Above"
1957 "The Sky"
b/w "Who Needs You"
"With All My Heart"
b/w "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird"
b/w "Long Before I Knew You"
1958 "Baby Lover"
UK B: "Little Blue Man"
US B: "Ever Been In Love"
12 6*
"Love Me Again"
b/w "In a Little Moment"
b/w "St. Tropez (Sur La Plague/On the Beach)"
b/w "I Wish I Knew"
1959 "Ever Been In Love"
b/w "Lucky Day"
"Watch Your Heart"
b/w "Suddenly"
"Where Do I Go from Here"
b/w "Mama's Talking Soft"
b/w "If I Had My Way"
"Prends Mon Coeur" 9*
"Dear Daddy"
b/w "Through the Livelong Day"
1960 "I Love a Violin"
UK B: "Guitare Et Tambourin"
US B: "(Where Are You) Now That I Need You"
"Cinderella Jones"
b/w "All Over Now"
1961 "Sailor" (FR: "Marin")
b/w "My Heart"
1 98 2*
"Something's Missing"
b/w "Isn't This a Lovely Day"
"Garde-moi la Dernière Danse" 3*
"Welcome Home"
b/w "Les Gens Diront"
UK B: "You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me"
US B: "Isn't This a Lovely Day"
3 25 1
"My Friend The Sea"
b/w "With All My Love"
7 44
1962 "I Will Follow Him (Chariot)" (GER: "Cheerio", IT: "Sul Mio Carro")
b/w "Darling Cheri"
2 6* 1*
"Monsieur" 1* 1*
"I'm Counting On You"
b/w "Some Other World"
"Whistlin' for the Moon"
b/w "Tender Love"
"Ya Ya Twist"
b/w "Si C'est Oui, C'est Oui"
14 1
"Jumbo Sale"
b/w "Too Late"
"The Road"
UK B: "No Love, No Nothin'"
US B: "Jumble Sale"
1963 "Valentino"
b/w "Imagination"
"Let Me Tell You"
b/w "Be Good to Me"
"Baby It's Me"
b/w "This Is Goodbye"
"Les Beaux Jours" 10*
"Cœur Blessé" 1*
"Casanova" (GER: "Casanova Baciami")
b/w "Chariot"
39 2*
"Dance On" (FR: "Je me sens bien auprès de toi") 3*
1964 "Thank You"
b/w "Crying Through a Sleepless Night"
"In Love"
UK B: "Forgetting You"
US B: "The Road"
"True Love Never Runs Smooth"
b/w "Saturday Sunshine"
"Downtown" (IT: "Ciao, Ciao", FR: "Dans le temps")
b/w "You'd Better Love Me"
2 1 1 6* 1* 1* 1 1 2
"Anyone Who Had a Heart" (FR: "Ceux qui ont un cœur",
GER: "Alles ist nun vorbei", IT: "Quelli che hanno un cuore")
7* 37* 5*
1965 "Invece no" 5*
"I Know a Place" (FR: "Viens avec moi")
b/w "Jack and John"
17 7 1 8* 35 3 2 16
"You'd Better Come Home"
b/w "Heart"
44 54 11 22 25 4
"Round Every Corner" (IT: "Gocce di mare")
b/w "Two Rivers"
43 70 6 10* 21 23
"You're the One" (FR: "Un Mal Pour Un Bien"
GER: "Deine Liebe ist wunderbar")

b/w "Gotta Tell the World"
23 4 6*
"My Love" (FR: "Mon Amour",
IT: "L'amore e il vento", GER: Verzeih die dummen Tränen)

b/w "Where Am I Going"
4 4 1 12* 13
24* 1 2 4 6
1966 "Kann Ich dir vertrauen?" 17*
"A Sign of the Times"
b/w "Time for Love"
49 11 8 11 15 2
"I Couldn't Live Without Your Love"
(GER: "So wunderbar, verliebt zu sein")
b/w "Your Way of Life"
6 11 6 28* 9 8 1
"Who Am I"
b/w "Love Is a Long Journey"
42 14 21 22 31
"Si Tu Prenais Le Temps"
b/w "L'amour Avec Un Grand "A""
1967 "Colour My World"
UK B: "I'm Begging You"
US B: "Take Me Home Again"
10 14 16 18 10
"This Is My Song" (FR: "C'est Ma Chanson",
GER: "Love – so heißt mein Song", IT: "Cara Felicita")

UK B: "The Show Is Over"
US B: "High"
1 1 4 1* 16
1* 3 5 2 1
"The Last Waltz" (FR: "La dernière valse") 2*
"Don't Sleep in the Subway"
b/w "Here Comes the Morning"
12 1 5 5 6 1
"The Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky)"
b/w "Fancy Dancin' Man"
19 35 26 27 9
1968 "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener"
b/w "At the Crossroads"
20 29 12 31 28 3
"Kiss Me Goodbye"
b/w "I've Got Love Going for Me"
50 14 10 36 26 15 12 2
"Don't Give Up"
b/w "Every Time I See a Rainbow"
43 23 37 27 5
"American Boys (Take Good Care of Your Heart)"
b/w "Look to the Sky"
37 59 49 18
"I Want to Sing with Your Band"
b/w "Look to the Sky"
1969 "Happy Heart"
b/w "Love Is the Only Thing"
22 62 62 71 12
"Look at Mine"
b/w "You and I"
42 43 89 62 14
"No One Better Than You"
b/w "Things Bright and Beautiful"
64 93 91 18
1970 "The Song Is Love"
b/w "Beautiful Sounds"
"Melody Man"
b/w "Big Love Sale"
1971 "The Song of My Life" (FR: "C'est La Refrain De Ma Vie")
UK B: "For Love"
US B: "Couldn't Sleep"
32 44 11*
"I Don't Know How to Love Him"
UK B: "Song Went Wrong"
US B: "Maybe"
"The World Song"
b/w "I Know What Love Is About"
1972 "My Guy"
b/w "Little Bit of Lovin'"
70 89 12
"The Wedding Song (There Is Love)"
b/w "Song Without End"
10 71 61 77 9
1973 "I Can't Remember (How It Was Before)"
b/w "Serenade of Love"
b/w "I Can't Remember (How It Was Before)"
"Lead Me On"
b/w "Taking It On"
Both sides with Sacha Distel
"Silver Spoon"
b/w "Fixing To Live"
1974 "Never Been a Horse That Couldn't Be Rode"
b/w "I'm the Woman You Need"
"Let's Sing a Love Song"
b/w "I'm the Woman You Need"
"The Old Fashioned Way"
b/w "Come On Home"
"Loving Arms"
b/w "I'm the Woman You Need"
"I Am Your Song"
b/w "Super Loving Lady"
"Wind of Change"
b/w "Memories Are Made of This"
"What I Did for Love"
b/w "I Believe in Love"
1977 "Downtown '77"
b/w "Two Rivers"
"Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (FR: "La Chanson d'Evita") 8*
1978 "I'm Not in Love"
b/w "What Am I Doing Here"
"Put a Little Sunbeam in Your Life"
b/w "Songbird"
"Just a Dance with Time"
b/w "Don't Stop the Music"
1981 "Natural Love"[A]
b/w "Because I Love Him"
66 24
b/w "Darkness"
"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"
b/w "Love Won't Always Pass You By"
1982 "Dreamin' with My Eyes Wide Open"
b/w "After Glow"
1985 "Mister Orwell"
b/w "Glamoureuse"
1988 "Life's a Game"
b/w "How"
"Downtown '88"
b/w original version of A-side
10 58 13 14
1989 "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love '89"
b/w "Come On Home"
1990 "Someone Like You" (Duet with Dave Willetts)
b/w "Getting the Right Thing Wrong"
1992 "Oxygen"
2011 Downtown (The Saw Doctors featuring Petula Clark)
CD single
2012 "Cut Copy Me"[B]
2013 "Never Enough"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart

* songs with lyrics not in English



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