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Peugeot Elyséo 125, 'Roland Garros' (2002)

Peugeot Motorcycles is a subsidiary of the French automaker Peugeot that builds small motorcycles primarily for the French domestic market.


Peugeot manufactured their first motorcycle in 1898 with a De Dion-Bouton engine mounted on the rear wheel. This model was shown at the 1898 Paris Exhibition but never manufactured. Peugeot did manufacture tricycle in 1898 although most of the machine was actually manufactured by De Dion-Bouton.

In 1900 Peugeot started to manufacture quadricycles but these fell out of favor and ceased to be produced by 1903. In 1901 spurred on by the success of the French built Werner Brothers and Company Moto Bicyclette, Peugeot produced their own motorcycle using a Swiss made Zürcher and Lüthi (ZL)engine.[1]

The Peugeot 500 M, a 500 cc dual overhead camshaft model appeared in 1914, the first of this type. Peugeot was the French motorcycle production leader until the 1950s producing many models. Today Peugeot is the only French motorcycle maker.[1]


  • Peugeot 101 Peugeot 102
  • Peugeot 103, 103 from 1972 to today, with different models (LSMs, SP, Land, Chrono, Electronics, TLX, RCX, Clip, Vogue, FXR, CRX and many others)


Peugeot 'Looxor 125'

Following the virtual abandonment of mopeds in favor of scooters by customers, Peugeot has directed its construction to this product. The brand is now famous for their manufacture on its sites Dannemarie (300 employees) and Mandeure (800 employees). The brand has developed large-displacement scooters (125 cc and above), in addition to its models of entry-level (Ludix), which it announced in 2008 the relocation to China.[2] Peugeot Scooters are especially popular in Switzerland and France.


En 1930, Peugeot absorbed Automoto who had been a pioneer in the field of motorcycles and scooters.

Peugeot XPS

It is unusual to see bikes circulating brand elsewhere in France. 50 cc Mopeds are very popular in France for several reasons: a national market price slightly lower than the competition, equipment, motor bikes in the AM6 Minarelli, like many other manufacturers, which facilitates repairs and lowers their price. The price of opportunity is much lower than most manufacturers, which causes an energizing effect on the market.

Before the famous and XP6 XPS appeared in 1997, 50cc motorcycles carried the name of XP [17] dating from 1986 (motorcycle automatic?) And TLX 1982. Other models largest displacements also existed, but there remain today more than the XPS CT 125 (125 cc) equipped with Yamaha engines. Ungoverned and / or slightly modified motorcycles 50cc reach 90 km / h.

The XP6 XPS and have a profile motorcycle cross, the XR6 and XR7 has a sporty profile, but cost more and are less numerous. AM6 XP6 Meca-boxes with a Minarelli AM6 engine


Peugeot currently concentrates on 14 different scooter models with engines which range from 50 to 500cc.[3] These are: GL10, GT10, TSA, TLX, XP, SX5, SX8, BB P107, TYPE 55.


In October 2014, Mahindra and Mahindra acquired 51% controlling stake in the company.[4]

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