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For the tennis tournament, see French Open.
Open de France
Trophy presentation at the 2013 Open de France
Tournament information
Location Paris, France
Established 1906
Course(s) Le Golf National
Par 71
Length 7,331 yards (6,703 m)
Tour(s) European Tour
Format Stroke play
Prize fund 3,000,000
Month played July
Tournament record score
Aggregate 262 Lu Liang-Huan (1971)
To par −23 Barry Jaeckel (1972)
Current champion
Austria Bernd Wiesberger
Paris is located in France
Location in France

The Open de France is a European Tour golf tournament. Inaugurated in 1906 it is the oldest national open in Continental Europe and has been part of the European Tour's schedule since the tour's inception in 1972.

Originally played at La Boulie Golf Club, the tournament has been hosted by many different venues, but since 1991, it has been held at the Le Golf National near Paris every year except for 1999 and 2001.

Since the turn of the Millennium the Fédération Française de Golf has made a concerted effort to enhance the stature of the event. One of these measures included the dropping of title sponsorship from 2003. In 2004 qualifying tournaments were introduced on the model of those for The Open Championship and the U.S. Open and are open to professionals and amateurs. The prize fund rose from €865,000 in 1999 to €4 million from 2006 to 2009, putting the Open de France in the top group of European Tour events (excluding the majors and the World Golf Championships, which are co-sanctioned by the U.S. based PGA Tour). The prize fund in 2015 was €3 million.


Year Venue Winner Score Runner(s)-up
Alstom Open de France
2015 Le Golf National Austria Bernd Wiesberger 271 (−13) England James Morrison
2014 Le Golf National Northern Ireland Graeme McDowell (2) 279 (−5) Thailand Thongchai Jaidee, United States Kevin Stadler
2013 Le Golf National Northern Ireland Graeme McDowell 275 (−9) South Africa Richard Sterne
2012 Le Golf National Germany Marcel Siem 276 (−8) Italy Francesco Molinari
2011 Le Golf National France Thomas Levet 277 (−7) England Mark Foster, Denmark Thorbjørn Olesen
2010 Le Golf National Spain Miguel Ángel Jiménez 273 (−11)PO Spain Alejandro Cañizares, Italy Francesco Molinari
Open de France ALSTOM
2009 Le Golf National Germany Martin Kaymer 271 (−13)PO England Lee Westwood
2008 Le Golf National Spain Pablo Larrazábal 269 (−15) Scotland Colin Montgomerie
2007 Le Golf National England Graeme Storm 277 (−7) Denmark Søren Hansen
2006 Le Golf National England John Bickerton 273 (−11) Republic of Ireland Pádraig Harrington
Open de France
2005 Le Golf National France Jean-François Remésy (2) 273 (−11)PO France Jean van de Velde
2004 Le Golf National France Jean-François Remésy 272 (−12) Australia Richard Green, Australia Nick O'Hern
2003 Le Golf National England Philip Golding 273 (−15) England David Howell
Novotel Perrier Open de France
2002 Le Golf National England Malcolm MacKenzie 274 (−14) South Africa Trevor Immelman
2001 Lyon Spain José María Olazábal 268 (−12) New Zealand Greg Turner, England Paul Eales,
Italy Costantino Rocca
2000 Le Golf National Scotland Colin Montgomerie 272 (−16) England Jonathan Lomas
1999 Médoc South Africa Retief Goosen (2) 272 (−12)PO New Zealand Greg Turner
Peugeot Open de France
1998 Le Golf National Scotland Sam Torrance 276 (−12) Italy Massimo Florioli, Germany Bernhard Langer,
Australia Mathew Goggin, France Olivier Edmond
1997 Le Golf National South Africa Retief Goosen 271 (−17) England Jamie Spence
1996 Le Golf National Australia Robert Allenby 272 (−16)PO Germany Bernhard Langer
1995 Le Golf National England Paul Broadhurst 274 (−14) England Neal Briggs
1994 Le Golf National England Mark Roe 274 (−14) Sweden Gabriel Hjertstedt
1993 Le Golf National Italy Costantino Rocca 273 (−11)PO Republic of Ireland Paul McGinley
1992 Le Golf National Spain Miguel Ángel Martín 276 (−8) England Martin Poxon
1991 Le Golf National Argentina Eduardo Romero 281 (−7) Spain José María Olazábal, Scotland Sam Torrance
1990 Chantilly Republic of Ireland Philip Walton 275 (−5)PO Germany Bernhard Langer
1989 Chantilly England Nick Faldo (3) 273 (−7) South Africa Hugh Baiocchi, England Mark Roe,
Germany Bernhard Langer
1988 Chantilly England Nick Faldo (2) 274 (−6) England Dennis Durnian, Australia Wayne Riley
1987 Saint-Cloud Spain José Rivero 269 (−19) England Howard Clark
1986 La Boulie Spain Seve Ballesteros (4) 269 (−19) Argentina Vicente Fernández
1985 Saint-Germain Spain Seve Ballesteros (3) 263 (−21) Scotland Sandy Lyle
1984 Saint-Cloud Germany Bernhard Langer 270 (−18) Spain José Rivero
Paco Rabanne Open de France
1983 La Boulie England Nick Faldo 277 (−11)PO Spain José Maria Cañizares, England David J Russell
1982 Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche Spain Seve Ballesteros (2) 278 (−10) Scotland Sandy Lyle
1981 Saint-Germain Scotland Sandy Lyle 270 (−14) West Germany Bernhard Langer
1980 Saint-Cloud Australia Greg Norman 268 (−20) England Ian Mosey
French Open
1979 Lyon Scotland Bernard Gallacher 284 (−8) Scotland William Milne
1978 La Baule South Africa Dale Hayes 269 (−19) Spain Seve Ballesteros
1977 Le Touquet Spain Seve Ballesteros 282 (−6) Spain Antonio Garrido, Spain Manuel Piñero,
South Africa John Bland, Australia Ian Stanley
1976 Le Touquet South Africa Vincent Tshabalala 272 (−16) Spain Salvador Balbuena
1975 La Boulie Scotland Brian Barnes 281 (−7) England Neil Coles, Republic of Ireland Eamonn Darcy,
South Africa Dale Hayes, Republic of Ireland John O'Leary
1974 Chantilly England Peter Oosterhuis (2) 284 (+4) England Peter Townsend
1973 La Boulie England Peter Oosterhuis 280 (−4) England Tony Jacklin
1972 Biarritz & La Nivelle United States Barry Jaeckel 265 (−23)PO England Clive Clark
1971 Biarritz & La Nivelle Taiwan Lu Liang-Huan 262 (−10) Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo, Argentina Vicente Fernández
Open de France
1970 Biarritz & Chantaco Australia David Graham 268 France Jean Garaïalde, Argentina Florentino Molina
1969 Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche France Jean Garaïalde 277 PO Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo
1968 Saint-Cloud England Peter Butler 272 Spain Sebastián Miguel, England Peter Townsend
1967 Saint-Germain England Bernard Hunt 271 England Peter Butler
1966 La Boulie South Africa Denis Hutchinson 274 Spain Ramón Sota
1965 Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche Spain Ramón Sota 268 South Africa Cobie Legrange
1964 Chantilly Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo (3) 272PO South Africa Cobie Legrange
1963 Saint-Cloud Australia Bruce Devlin 273 Australia Kel Nagle
1962 Saint-Germain Australia Alan Murray 274 Australia Peter Thomson, New Zealand Bob Charles
1961 La Boulie Australia Kel Nagle 271 Australia Peter Thomson
1960 Saint-Cloud Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo (2) 275 Argentina Leopoldo Ruiz, England Bill Johnston
1959 La Boulie Wales Dave Thomas 276 England Peter Alliss
1958 Saint-Germain Belgium Flory Van Donck (3) 276PO South Africa Harold Henning
1957 Saint-Cloud Belgium Flory Van Donck (2) 266 England Peter Alliss, Spain Ángel Miguel
1956 Deauville Spain Ángel Miguel 277 Argentina Antonio Cerdá, South Africa Trevor Wilkes,
Belgium Flory Van Donck
1955 La Boulie United States Byron Nelson 271 England Harry Weetman
1954 Saint-Cloud Belgium Flory Van Donck 275 Italy Aldo Casera, Australia Norman Von Nida
1953 La Boulie South Africa Bobby Locke (2) 276 England Max Faulkner
1952 Saint-Germain South Africa Bobby Locke 268 Argentina Antonio Cerdá
1951 Saint-Cloud Egypt Hassan Hassanein 278 Scotland Jimmy Adams
1950 Chantilly Argentina Roberto De Vicenzo 279
1949 Saint-Germain Italy Ugo Grappasonni 275
1948 Saint-Cloud France Firmin Cavalo 287
1947 Chantilly England Henry Cotton (2) 285 England John Knipe
1946 Saint-Cloud England Henry Cotton 269 Belgium Flory Van Donck
1940–45 No tournament due to World War II
1939 Le Touquet Argentina Martin Pose 285 England Tom Odams
1938 Fourqueux France Marcel Dallemagne (3) 282 France Pierre Hausséguy
1937 Saint-Cloud France Marcel Dallemagne (2) 278 England Leonard Crawley (amateur)
1936 Saint-Germain France Marcel Dallemagne 277 PO England Henry Cotton
1935 Le Touquet South Africa Sid Brews (2) 293 Jersey Aubrey Boomer, England Mark Seymour
1934 Dieppe South Africa Sid Brews 284 Jersey Aubrey Boomer, France Auguste Boyer
1933 Chantilly England Bert Gadd 283 France Auguste Boyer, France Marcel Dallemagne
1932 Saint-Cloud England Arthur Lacey 295 France René Golias
1931 Deauville Jersey Aubrey Boomer (5) 291 Argentina Tomas Genta, England Percy Alliss
1930 Dieppe England Ernest Whitcombe 282 France Auguste Boyer
1929 Fourqueux Jersey Aubrey Boomer (4) 283 England Archie Compston
1928 La Boulie England Cyril Tolley (amateur) (2) 283 Jersey Aubrey Boomer, England Ernest Whitcombe,
England Henry Kinch, England Henry Cotton
1927 Saint-Germain Scotland George Duncan (2) 299 Jersey Aubrey Boomer
1926 Saint-Cloud Jersey Aubrey Boomer (3) 280 England Abe Mitchell
1925 Chantilly France Arnaud Massy (4) 291 PO England Archie Compston
1924 La Boulie England Cyril Tolley (amateur) 290 United States Walter Hagen
1923 Dieppe England James Ockenden 288 Jersey Jack Gaudin
1922 La Boulie Jersey Aubrey Boomer (2) 286 France Eugène Laffitte
1921 Le Touquet Jersey Aubrey Boomer 284 PO France Arnaud Massy
1920 La Boulie United States Walter Hagen 298 PO France Eugène Laffitte
1915–19 No tournament due to World War I
1914 Le Touquet England James Douglas Edgar 288 Jersey Harry Vardon
1913 Chantilly Scotland George Duncan 304 Scotland James Braid
1912 La Boulie France Jean Gassiat 289 Jersey Harry Vardon
1911 La Boulie France Arnaud Massy (3) 284 Jersey Ted Ray
1910 La Boulie Scotland James Braid 298 France Arnaud Massy
1909 La Boulie England John Henry Taylor (2) 293 Scotland James Braid
1908 La Boulie England John Henry Taylor 300 France Arnaud Massy, England Charles Mayo
1907 La Boulie France Arnaud Massy (2) 298 France Jean Gassiat
1906 La Boulie France Arnaud Massy 292 Jersey Tom Vardon

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