Peugeot Type 8

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Peugeot Type 8
Peugeot Type 8.jpg
Manufacturer S. A. des Automobiles Peugeot
Production 1893-1896
Body and chassis
Body style Runabout
Layout RR layout
Engine 1.3 L V-twin
Wheelbase 1.61 metres (63 in)
Predecessor Peugeot Type 7
Successor Peugeot Type 21

The Peugeot Type 8 was a small four-seater runabout produced by Peugeot from 1893 to 1896. The engine displaced 1282 cc and was carried over from the Peugeot Type 7, though the Type 8 was otherwise mechanically different from the Type 7. Total production figures are unknown.